AirSelect Short Walking Boot

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The AirSelect Short Walking Boot offers a solution to many indications related to forefoot, midfoot, and hindfoot injuries, as well as some ankle injuries. A durable, semi-rigid shell that helps support the limb while providing protection. The pre-inflated front panel and two adjustable distal aircells housed within the body provide compression and support. SoftStrike technology absorbs and dissipates shock, while the lightweight and lab-tested rocker sole combine to encourage a natural gait and a continuation of everyday activities.


  • Metatarsal fracture.
  • Stress and stable fracture of the foot.
  • Bunionectomy, hallux valgus.
  • Soft tissue injury.
  • Severe ankle sprain.


  • Customizable, independent aircells (NO separate hand bulb)
  • - Integrated inflation system puts the patient in control for an individualized fit
  • Non-marking, skid-resistant rubber tread
  • - For greater traction and more extended wear
  • Removal of heel pain
  • - SoftStrike technology absorbs and dissipates the energy during heel strike
  • Low profile rocker sole
  • - The lab-designed rocker sole enables a normal walking gait with fewer forefoot angulations' and reduces hyperextension of the knee
  • - Toe-off section continues the rocking motion, enhancing mobility
  • - Mid-stance section is designed to minimize hip differential
  • Custom and comfortable fit
  • - Trimmable and heat-moldable semi-rigid shell makes it easy to custom-fit the brace to the patient
  • - Sleek, open-frame design provides ventilation and maximum patient protection and compliance
  • - Shell contours around the malleoli, eliminating pressure for sustained comfort
  • - AirSelect boots have improved width around the ankle area as well as uniformed sizing throughout the various sizes of the boot (XS-XL)
  • Ease of application
  • - Three-strap system evenly disperses pressure, eliminates pooling of edema
  • - Integrated inflation system is intuitive and permits quick and easy customization of each Aircell

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