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Crutches and Mobility Aides

Quality Crutches from Donjoy, ProCare and Ossur

Not all crutches are created equal. The quality, design, materials and workmanship vary as widely as in any other manufacturing industry. Generally speaking, “you get what you pay for.” Price is a good measuring stick to give an indication of quality. Standard crutches that some people buy at drug stores or discount stores are definitely a cheap alternative, but most certainly do not have the features that higher quality crutches have. There are many examples of both on the market, and an educated, discerning consumer will quickly recognize the critical elements prior to making a decision to purchase. When in doubt, ask questions about materials, specifications and references.

  • In Motion Pro Underarm Crutches

    In Motion Pro Underarm Crutches Replaces the DonJoy Rebound crutches with better technology. The New In Motion Pro crutches are designed to reduce impact on the wrist and underarm and improve patient comfort. These crutches allow the user to stand...

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  • Alliance Stand-Assist Sling

    Alliance Stand-Assist Sling

    $189.00 $124.95

    Alliance® Stand-Assist Sling features soft support panels under the arm and lumbar area for added comfort. The unique crossover strap and nonslip inner pad ensure the sling stays in place and does not ride up during lifting. An optional...

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  • BodyMed Aluminum Crutches

    Packaged in pairs complete with tips, grips, and pads. Adjustable by using wing nut. 250 pound maximum weight. Latex free. Ordering Information: Height is approximate user height Part NumberHeightWeightSize ZZRADL80 4'6" - 5'2" ≤ 250...

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  • Anodized Aluminum Adjustable Fold-Up Walker

    Premium Anodized Fold Up Aluminum Walker Includes hand grips and crutch tips. Folds flat to four-inch thickness for easy storage and car use, snap locking with a plated steel crossbar. Adjustable for proper height. 300 pound maximum weight. Ordering...

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  • Essential Medical 4 Wheel Rolling Walker

    Around the corner or across the country, the Featherlight Walker will get you there in comfort, style, and safety! This is a lightweight rollator-style folding wheeled walker with seat designed for use by individuals with walking or balance...

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  • PneuWalker2 Mobility Trainer

    PneuWalker2 Mobility Trainer

    $9,985.00 $8,324.00

    PneuWalker2 Mobility Trainer The PneuWalker2 Mobility Trainer provides partial weight support to allow patients with mobility issues to walk and exercise. The support provided by the PneuWalker's harness keeps the user in an upright position, preventing...

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  • The Scout 2 Pool Lift, Adjustable Seat Pole, No Anchor

    The Scout 2 Pool Lift, Adjustable Seat Pole, No Anchor The Scout 2 Pool Lift features an adjustable seat pole, robust base and a stronger actuator. These upgrades allow for a weight capacity of 375 pounds. The Scout 2 is capable of clearing wall heights...

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