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  • DynaHeat Moist Hot Pack

    DynaHeat Moist Hot Pack by DynaTronics DynaHeat® Moist Hot Packs provide up to 30 minutes of deep, moist heat and can be reused for hundreds of treatments. For Rehabilitation Professionals. Designed to fit several areas of the body in comfort during...

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  • Dynatron T3 Treatment Table

    Dynatron T3 Treatment Table Maximum features at a competitive price. Standard 4in two-way locking casters. Postural drainage. All-around electric foot switch. MSAS (Mobilization Strap Attachment System). Contoured nose hole with...

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  •  Dynatronics Sanctband 50 Yard

    Dynatronics Sanctband Exercise Band 50 Yard Roll Sanctband Resistive Exercise Band. Sanctband's exercise band provides both positive and negative force on muscles, enhances strength, increases range of motion and promotes cooperation of muscle groups...

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  • Dynatron Patented 3-Frequency Ultrasound Soundhead

    These soundheads may be used with any Solaris PLUS device. Available in 2, 5, and 10cm sizes, they offer the added benefits of head warming. The only Ultrasound devices in the industry offering 1,2, and 3 MHz frequencies for the greatest flexibility in...

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  • Dynatronics DynaFlex Foam Electrodes 2in Square

    Dynatronics DynaFlex Foam Electrodes 2in Square The Dynatronics DynaFlex Foam Electrode (4 per pack) is available in five different sizes. Features: DynaFlex electrode lead wires contain more than 1,000 strands of stainless steel for optimum current...

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  • Dynatron  Ion

    Dynatron Ion


    Dynatron Ion 12 Pack Box Comfortable and cost-effective, the Dynatron ion is designed to provide uniform distribution of electrical current for safe and easy drug delivery. The return electrode features a patented buffered gel designed specifically for...

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  • Dynatron Ibox 2

    Dynatron Ibox 2


    Dynatron iBox™ 2 The only Iontophoresis device on the market today that can deliver single and dual phase (polarity) treatments. The iBox™ 2 automatically updates treatment times based on changes made during the treatment. The display shows...

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  • Dynatronics Premium Oak Liftback Treatment Table

    Dynatronics Premium Oak Liftback Table 27" x 72" (Other sizes available - Please Call Us) 27" x 72" Oak Liftback Table featuring a beautiful oak veneer finish, these custom-made tables are engineered for stability and durability. (Other sizes available...

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  • Dynatronics Electric Hi-Lo Oak Mat Table

    Dynatronics Electric Hi-Lo Oak Mat Table  When you’re providing treatment or therapy to people all day, the last thing you need to worry about is your equipment. The Dynatronics Premium Oak Mat Table gives you plenty of room to work and it...

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  • Dynatronics Cuff Weights - Traditional Set

    Dynatronics Cuff Weights - Traditional Set Features: Traditional Set (1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 7.5, and 10 lb weights) Durable zigzag stitching for long wear. Long Velcro strap for a universal fit for all patients. Color-coded for easy size...

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  • Platform Parallel Bars

    Platform Parallel Bars

    $1,300.00 $995.00

    Platform Parallel Bars  Beautiful, durable, hardwood base measures 38 in (w). Vertically adjusts from 22 in (h) - 35 in (h). Width adjusts from 14 in (w) - 28 in (w). Between uprights is 29.75 in (w). Handrails are constructed of 1.625 in...

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  • Dynatronics Folding Parallel Bars

    Dynatronics Folding Parallel Bars Ideal for small therapy areas. When not in use, these bars fold together for storage. Bars are 1-5/8" stainless steel. Height adjusts from 22 inches to 35 inches. Available with either steel and wooden...

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  • Dynatron Skinfold Caliper

    Dynatron Skinfold Caliper w/ Soft Case  The Dynatron Skinfold Caliper is designed to be an accurate measure of skinfolds as they assist in the evaluation of body composition. The Dynatron Caliper is spring loaded which ensures constant...

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  • Dynatronics Premium Wall-Mount Mat Table

    Premium Wall-Mount Mat Table Folds up to the clinic wall when not in use, saving valuable floor space. Features hand-crafted solid oak frame and 2 in medium-density foam padding. 20 in (h). Features: Available in 3' x 7' or 4' x 7' sizes Wide...

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  • Dynatronics Standard Training Stairs

    Dynatronics Standard Training Stairs Constructed of long-lasting oak plywood, Dynatronics Training Stairs feature an updated handrail system preferred by most practitioners. Constructed of long-lasting oak plywood, these stairs feature anti-slip tread...

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  • Dynatronics Triode Electrodes 100/pk

    Dynatronics Triode Electrodes 100/pk Triode electrode, with standard 2 cm spacing of silver chloride electrodes, are backed with nickel plated brass snaps to prevent corrosion when connected to pre-amplifiers for extended periods.

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