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  • ThermaZone Back, Abdomen, and Hip Pad

    ThermaZone Back, Abdomen, and Hip Pad ThermaZone pads feature Motion Advantage technology leveraging precise fluid movement and delivering uniform temperature distribution across the surface of the relief pad for the maximum therapeutic effectiveness...

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  • Thermazone Shoulder Therapy Pad

    ThermaZone Shoulder Relief Pad For Use with the Thermazone Continuous Thermal Therapy System. ThermaZone has developed the Orthopedic Shoulder relief pad that reduces pain associated with acute or chronic injuries. The shoulder relief pad straps on the...

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  • Therma-Zone Front & Side Head Relief Pad

    ThermaZONE Front & Side Head Relief Pad Ideal for use around the forehead and temple areas for Migraine and Pain relief. Designed for use with the Continuous Thermal Therapy System. Latex-free

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  • Thermazone Ankle Relief Pad

    $139.00 $115.49

    Thermazone Ankle Relief Pad ThermaZone Ankle Relief Pad was designed by Orthopedic Surgeons to provide cold water at a controlled temperature for the surface therapy area around the ankle. This is the Pad Only - must be used with ThermaZone thermal...

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  • ThermaZone Universal Relief Pad

    ThermaZone Universal Relief Pad The ThermaZone Universal Relief Pad is ideal for use on any body surface for localized therapy. Comes with Velcro straps for securing in place. Size: 7"L x 10"W Neoprene and Latex Free

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