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  • Super-Lite AFO Brace

    Super-Lite AFO Brace

    $69.95 $42.95

    ProCare Super-Lite AFO Leaf Spring Provides lateral support for those with extreme weakening of the foot and ankle joints, while adding stationary rear leg support. The Super-Lite ProCare AFO is fabricated by injection-molded polyethylene and provides...

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  • Remedy Pro Off-Loading Shoe

    Remedy Pro Offloading Shoe Designed to reduce forefoot pressure and speed healing. The Remedy Pro is indicated for forefoot trauma, postsurgical healing, and diabetic ulcers and wounds. A 15° wedge design promotes healing by transferring weight to...

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  • Stabilized Ankle Support

    Stabilized Ankle Support

    $39.95 $25.99

    ProCare Stabilized Ankle Support Brace Low profile design constructed with non-stretch nylon for comfort, performance and durability. The Lace-up design and Figure 8 strapping locks the calcaneus (heel) into place & controls inversion/eversion...

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  • Posterior Leaf Splint AFO

    ProCare Posterior Leaf Splint This AFO is a below-the-knee orthosis device for use by individuals with lower extremity disabilities. This Posterior Leaf Splint is made of lightweight polypropylene, it promotes strength and flexibility for those with...

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  • Universal Thumb Splint

    Universal Thumb Splint

    $25.95 $16.95

    ProCare Universal Thumb Splint Features a wrap-around design for support with functional features to address a variety of pathologies including Gamekeeper's/Skier's Thumb, Basal Joint Arthritis and Thumb Tendonitis. Dorsal, radial and palmar stay...

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  • ComfortFORM Boxer's Splint

    ComfortFORM Boxer's Splint Made from a durable lightweight fabric for breathability and patient comfort. The Boxer's Splint helps to eliminate the need for ulnar gutter casting or splinting. Malleable ulnar stay creates a dorsal block that maintains the...

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  • Reddie Hinged Knee Brace

    Reddie Hinged Knee Brace

    $69.95 $34.16

    Reddie Hinged Knee Brace - America's Number #1 Hinged Knee Brace Ideal for mild MCL and/or LCL sprains, mild arthritis, post arthroscopic menisectomy, or mild global instabilities. 1/8" neoprene wraparound configuration and strap tabs provide for easy...

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  • IMPAX Diabetic Shoe Insole

    Procare Impax Diabetic Shoe Insole Designed for the prevention and treatment of diabetic foot ulcers. The Impax insole is specifically designed to be used with the ProCare offloading diabetic shoe and MaxTrax diabetic cam walker. The Impax insole can...

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  • Vista Cervical Collar

    Vista Cervical Collar

    $99.95 $74.95

    Aspen Vista Cervical Collar Featuring innovative height adjustment technology, the Vista Cervical Collar offers six (6) collars in one. The Vista Collar restricts cervical spine flexion, extension and rotation to promote patient recovery. The...

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  • Vista TX Cervical Collar

    Aspen Vista TX Cervical Collar Simple and Easy to Use - One size fits most design. Your Aspen Tx Collar easily adjusts to fit a variety of patients and conditions. The comfortable design makes it easy to ware all day without irritation for most patients...

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  • ProCare Offloading Diabetic Shoe

    ProCare Offloading Diabetic Shoe Specifically designed to relieve pressure on ulcerated areas of the foot during the treatment of diabetic ulcers. The squared toe box and wide foot bed leave ample room for dressing. A removable reinforced toe cover...

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  • ProCare Silicone Heel Cups

    ProCare Silicone Heel Cups Made from molded medical-grade soft silicone to help reduce shock and vibration loads to joints, to address Plantar Fasciitis, heel spurs and Achilles tendonitis. Softer center in heel region to help reduce strain to area...

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  • Transitional 172 Cervical Collar

    ProCare Transitional 172 Cervical Collar Enhances patient comfort and is easily adjusted with Velcro™ tabs. Featuring a two-piece polyethylene design, Anterior and posterior flex tabs on the front and back panels provide improved rigidity and...

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  • Universal Thumb-O-Prene Splint

    Universal Thumb-O-Prene Splint Wrap-around neoprene design provides a low-profile comfortable, custom fit that is both functional and simple. The unique design combines two stays, rigid and spiral plus a movable elastic strap to address various...

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  • XcelTrax Air Ankle

    XcelTrax Air Ankle

    $79.95 $59.95

    ProCare XcelTrax Air Walker Designed for ideal support and comfort following trauma or operative procedure. The lightweight design and unique pre-shaped ergonomic frame help to modify the level of pressure on the injury at both the malleoli and lower...

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  • ComfortFORM Back Brace

    ComfortFORM Back Brace

    $49.95 $29.95

    ComfortFORM Back Brace Low profile durable elastic construction and molded lumbar compression pad provide comfortable support for the sacrolumbar region of the spine. Overlapping double pull straps help support the lumbar and abdominal area to promote...

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