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Who We Are

Established in 2012, Source Ortho was founded and managed by COO Elizabeth Gush to supply the ever growing need for medical supplies and equipment in the US. Elizabeth's vision is simple, provide great products with cordial and intelligent customer service, the most user-friendly website and the best possible prices. She also believes her vision would be hollow without the best employees to make the business run smoothly, keep up with demand and continue to grow in a very competitive business environment. Source Ortho was in the September 2017 issue of Inc Magazine as one of the 500 Fastest Growing Private Companies in the US.

Our Team

Our employees work in a streamlined environment where everyone has a role but can swing over and back up any one else at any time.  Our expert sales department is always ready to answer professional or consumer questions on countless products. Our shipping staff sets high standards for same day shipping. And our IT and Marketing department is constantly innovating in an effort to reach more people and make it as easy as possible for our customers to make a quick and informed purchase.

Authorized Manufacturer Distributor

As an Authorized Manufacturer Distributor all of our products are backed by a Full Manufacturer's Warranty. We do not sell used or refurbished products or out of date models.

Our Products

Source Ortho is an innovative distributor of a wide range of medical equipment and supplies from professional products to consumer products. Our main focus is meeting the needs of medical and healthcare professionals, but we also carry 1000's of consumer products. Source Ortho strives to be a leader in bringing value and great prices to the industry. We continually look for ways to lower our costs of doing business, so that we might help our customers save money. If you are looking for products with exceptional value and the best prices, you have come to the right place!

Customer Service

We firmly believe that customer service levels must always exceed expectations so that our customers can concentrate on the very important business of caring for patients.  Our staff is trained to provide excellent service and knowledgeable product information. 

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Green Business Practices

Source Ortho is dedicated to sustainable business practices. We encourage an office-wide recycling program that is designed to separate all office recyclables from other waste, thereby reducing our landfill contribution. All of our paper, cardboard, and aluminum cans are separated daily. We reuse packaging boxes and materials to minimize our impact and keep our costs low so we can pass on more savings to our customers.  It's good for the planet and our company.