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Electrodes and Conductive Garments

  • Soft-Touch Cloth Electrodes

    PMT Soft-Touch Carbon Electrodes w/ Cloth Back Our basic electrode features a self-adhesive reusable disposable electrode with a pigtail pin connector. Available with a carbon and a blue cloth backing. Oval corners help minimize edge curl. PMT...

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  • Dura-Stick Premium Electrodes

    Dura-Stick Premium Electrodes Chattanooga's Dura-Stick Self-Adhesive Premium Electrodes feature a pure silver conductive layer and quality wire or molded connectors that provide for optimal current dispersion with low impedance. Packaged in a...

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  • Electrotherapy Sock

    Electrotherapy Sock

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    Electrotherapy Sock for Neuro TENS provides stimulation to the entire foot and ankle to increase blood circulation, thereby reducing swelling and associated pain. Sufferers and other podiatric ailments now have an easy, at-home...

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  • PMT TENS Pre-Treatment Electrolyte Spray

    PMT TENS Pre-Treatment Electrolyte Spray Highly Conductive TENS Pre-Treatment Electrolyte Spray increases conductivity and prolongs electrode life. Uniformly and consistently increases electrode to skin conductivity. Eliminates hot spots and...

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  • SENSUS Electrode Replacement Kit

    This Sensus Electrode replacement kit includes 6 individual electrodes, a 3-month supply for a patient wearing 1 device, or a 6-week supply for a patient wearing 2 devices. These are replacement electrodes only. The SENSUS Treatment unit is...

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  • Dynatronics Ultra Poly Electrodes

    Dynatronics Ultra Polys Electrodes 2in x 2in 4 pack Ultra Polys controlled comfort electrodes offer the best features in an electrode. The conductive grid pattern evenly disperses the current over the surface of the electrode. The patented...

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  • Neuro Ground Cuff for Ultima Neuro

    Neuro Ground Cuff for Ultima Neuro The PMT Neuro Grounding Cuff is designed for use with Ultima Neuro TENS system. The Ultima Neuro can be combined with a variety of conductive garments including Therapy Sock, Glove or Elbow.  One Size fits...

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  • Electrotherapy Treatment Glove

    Electrotherapy Treatment Glove The Neuro Glove for the Ultima Neuro system provides stimulation to the hand to increase blood flow and improve circulation, thereby reducing swelling and discomfort. Patients that suffer hand pain now...

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  • Dura-Stick II  2.75" x 5" Rectangle 4 Pack

    Dura-Stick II Self-Adhesive 2.75" x 5" Rectangle Electrodes 4 Pack The most popular and best selling electrode, DURA-STICK II electrodes provide comfortable and effective stimulation through the unique silver printed conductor. Flexible, yet sturdy...

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  • Dynatronics DynaFlex Foam Electrodes 2in Square

    Dynatronics DynaFlex Foam Electrodes 2in Square The Dynatronics DynaFlex Foam Electrode (4 per pack) is available in five different sizes. Features: DynaFlex electrode lead wires contain more than 1,000 strands of stainless steel for optimum current...

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  • Dynatronics Triode Electrodes 100/pk

    Dynatronics Triode Electrodes 100/pk Triode electrode, with standard 2 cm spacing of silver chloride electrodes, are backed with nickel plated brass snaps to prevent corrosion when connected to pre-amplifiers for extended periods.

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  • Dura-Stick Plus Snap/Dual Snap Electrode

    Dura-Stick Plus Snap/Dual Snap Electrode Cloth backed self-adhesive electrodes provide precise control and optimisation of electrical current delivered from your muscle electrostimulation device. Available in 2 different sizes: Dura-Stick Plus...

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