PMT Soft-Touch Cloth Electrodes

Pain Management Technologies
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Our basic electrode features a self-adhesive reusable disposable electrode with a pigtail pin connector. Available with a carbon and a blue cloth backing. The oval corners help minimize edge curl improving the lifespan of your electrodes. PMT Soft-Touch electrodes deliver great dispersion, durability, and are a great price for the value. Average use of each electrode is about 10-15 uses or as soon as the conductive gel begins to wear down. It is suggested that you place the electrodes in the resealable pouch after each use to maintain its longevity. The lifespan and effectiveness of your Soft Touch Cloth electrodes can be enhanced by rubbing a small drop of water on the pad after each use. For best results change electrode pads within recommended time period.


Indications for Use:

  • All Tens units and EMS devices
  • IF
  • Russian units
  • Back: Made with a Resilient Blue Fabric backing