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Wound and Diabetic Supplies

  • Heat Moldable Diabetic Insole

    Comfortland Diabetic Insole Heat Moldable DR628 Full length foot orthotic made to protect the feet of individuals who are in danger of skin breakdown and ulceration due to diabetes or lack of sensation in the extremities. This dual density diabetic...

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  • SkinTemp II 2x2 Collagen Wound Dressing Each

    Human Biosciences Sterile SkinTemp II Dressings contain 100% native collagen, in the non-hydrolyzed form. The unique technology of HBS keeps the collagen intact so that the bandages comprise a fibrous network. SkinTemp II™ is a porous collagen...

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  • Aqua Relief Hot & Cold Therapy System

    Aqua Relief Hot & Cold Therapy System Delivers Hot or Cold water therapy to the feet, hands and other body parts to treat a range of conditions. The ARS delivers fluid thermal therapy 360 degrees around the joint to provide maximum benefit and...

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  • DH Offloading Post-Op Shoe

    Ossur DH Offloading Post-Op Shoe The perfect solution for effective offloading of diabetic foot ulcers and other plantar wound conditions. It provides optimal offloading utilizing our patented post-op shoe and active offloading insole. Indications...

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  • Remedy Pro Off-Loading Shoe

    Remedy Pro Offloading Shoe Designed to reduce forefoot pressure and speed healing. The Remedy Pro is indicated for forefoot trauma, postsurgical healing, and diabetic ulcers and wounds. A 15° wedge design promotes healing by transferring weight to...

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  • SkinTemp II 3x4 Collagen Wound Dressing Each

    Human Biosciences™ SkinTemp™  3" x 4" II Collagen Dressings contain 100% native collagen, in the non-hydrolyzed form.  The unique technology keeps the collagen intact so that the bandages comprise a fibrous network...

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  • Off-Loading Diabetic Insole

    Comfortland Off-loading Diabetic Insole ONLY AVAILABLE IN SIZE - SMALL. Unloads pressure points on the foot associated with wounds, ulcers or other foot injuries Made from Plastazote, Poron, and E.V.A., the Off-Loading insole is designed to be worn...

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  • Ultima Neuro | Advanced Neuropathy Stimulator System

    Ultima Neuro | Advanced Neuropathy Stimulator System Non-invasive and non-narcotic treatment on afflicted hands and feet to reduce the pain, discomfort and symptoms associated with this painful condition. The Ultima Neuro has been built with comfort and...

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  • Comfort Gel Heel Sock-Pair

    Comfort Gel Heel Sock-Pair Constructed from a unique polymer gel, the gel sock is great for cracked heels as well as heel calluses. The gel heel pads help to lock in moisture while the unique design of the sock allows it to be universal, fitting feet of...

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  • DH Offloading Walker Boot

    DH Offloading Walker Boot

    $170.00 $114.95

    DH Offloading Walker Boot Utilizes a short leg walker in conjunction with a patented pressure relief insole to assist in the healing of plantar ulcers. The plantar insole allows effective pressure relief and shear reduction. Pressure relief is easily...

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  • IMPAX Diabetic Shoe Insole

    Procare Impax Diabetic Shoe Insole Designed for the prevention and treatment of diabetic foot ulcers. The Impax insole is specifically designed to be used with the ProCare offloading diabetic shoe and MaxTrax diabetic cam walker. The Impax insole can...

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  • ProCare Offloading Diabetic Shoe

    ProCare Offloading Diabetic Shoe Specifically designed to relieve pressure on ulcerated areas of the foot during the treatment of diabetic ulcers. The squared toe box and wide foot bed leave ample room for dressing. A removable reinforced toe cover...

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  • SENSUS TENS Pain Management System

    The  SENSUS™ TENS Pain Management Device by NEUROMetrix is a break thru in transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator (TENS unit) design for relief of chronic pain in the lower legs and feet. It is worn on the leg, just below the...

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  • MaxTrax Diabetic Walker Boot

    MaxTrax Diabetic Walker Boot The Maxtrax Diabetic Walker Boot from ProCare is designed with a wider foot bed for increased stability and a soft nylon/foam liner with no seams in critical post-surgical areas, Tri-laminate insole is designed with...

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  • Thermoskin AFG Stabilizer

    The Swede-O Thermoskin AFG Stabilizer is ideal for Diabetes, Arthritis and Raynaud's Disease, ankle suppport and other indications.  Maintains elevated skin temperature while still allowing skin to ventilate for long-term user comfort. Includes...

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