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Shoulder Injuries

Popular Braces for Common Shoulder Injuries

  • Thermotech Digital Moist Heating Pad

    Thermotech Automatic Digital Moist Heating Pad Helps relieves pain, muscle spasms, pain management, increase circulation of blood. Thermotech is the premier professional grade moist heating pad. Thermotech heating pads produce moist heat automatically,...

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  • Game Ready Shoulder Wrap w/ ATX

    Game Ready Shoulder Wrap w/ ATX (Wrap Only) Game Ready wraps feature a patented, dual-action ATX (Active Temperature Exchange) design that enables the simultaneous circulation of ice water and air, integrating proven compression and cold therapies like...

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  • Iceman Wrap-On Shoulder Pad

    Iceman Wrap-On Shoulder Pad Specifically designed to cover and treat the shoulder area. This cold pad comes with a velcro wrap to secure the cold pad around the affected area. DonJoy offers a variety of different non-sterile Wrap-On Pad...

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  • Shoulder Abduction Sling w/ Pillow

    Premium ABD Shoulder Abduction Sling w/ Pillow Offers immobilization and support for mild sprains/strains of the shoulder complex. Designed for rotator cuff repairs, bankart repairs, genohumeral dislocations, soft tissue repairs, and shoulder...

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  • Sully Shoulder Stabilizer

    Sully Shoulder Stabilizer

    $199.00 $149.95

    Sully Shoulder Stabilizer Brace Designed to stabilize, assist or restrict movement of the shoulder post-injury and post operatively. The Sully Shoulder Support features on the outside, elastic straps attach which hook to the neoprene at any point,...

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  • Theratherm Digital Moist Heating Pad

    Chattanooga Theratherm Digital Moist Heat Pack Provides intense, moist heat therapy for temporary relief from pain associated with arthritis, back pain caused by muscle spasm and inflammation caused by strain and tension. The high quality flannel cover...

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  • Primera TENS/NMES with HAN Waveform

    Chattanooga Primera TENS/NMES Combines 8 TENs and 6 NMES programs in a convenient portable highly durable unit that can be used in Clinical or Home Therapy. Features: Extensive range of programs – 8 TENS and 6 NMES Programs The HAN TENS...

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  •  Cryo Cuff Shoulder Wrap

    AirCast Shoulder Cryo Cuff Anatomically designed to cover the shoulder area completely. Minimizes hemarthrosis, swelling, and pain. Can be ordered with an XL strap to accommodate larger torso/chest circumferences. Indication: Ideal use for trauma,...

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  • Shoulder Stabilizer SPA

    Shoulder Stabilizer SPA

    $149.95 $95.00

    DonJoy Shoulder Stabilizer SPA Designed for use by those with glenohumeral instabilities in contact sports where shoulder pads are worn. Specifically, this device is ideal for the restriction of abduction and external rotation and for symptoms or...

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  • BodyMed Moist Heating Pad

    BodyMed Moist Heating Pad Effective Moist Heat Therapy For Body Aches And Pains - Ideal for Shoulder or Back - Will Soothe And Relax Any Muscle - Perfect For Tightness And Stress Relief. The BodyMed Moist Heating Pad allows you to reduce nagging...

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  • DonJoy Shoulder Stabilizer

    DonJoy Shoulder Stabilizer

    $299.95 $214.95

    DonJoy Shoulder Stabilizer Brace Provides shoulder immobilization and controlled range of motion for glenohumeral dislocations/subluxations, rotator cuff tears and acromioclavicular seperations. Ideal for recovering Athletes in Sports such as...

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  • Shoulder Immobilizer with Waist Strap

    Comfortland Shoulder Immobilizer with Waist strap The  is designed to treat rotator cuff injuries, shoulder instabilities, and anterior dislocation of the G-H joint, shoulder immobilizer features an ambidextrous design, fitting either the...

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  • Sully AC Shoulder Support w/ Pad

    Sully AC Shoulder Support Features a breathable, hook-sensitive neoprene vest that grips the skin to allow precise placement of the donut-shaped foam pad. The hard-shelled foam pad helps protect the AC joint from further injury. Simply apply adhesive...

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  • Deluxe Shoulder Immobilizer

    Deluxe Shoulder Immobilizer The ProCare Deluxe Shoulder Immobilizer is used in treatment of dislocation or post-surgical immobilization. For use in treatment of dislocation or post-surgical immobilization. Elastic waist band construction for...

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  • UltraSling IV Shoulder Brace

    DonJoy UltraSling IV Shoulder Sling Introduces a new 3-point advantage to evenly distribute weight | The best move in immobilization Leading the way in comfort and convenience. The three-point strapping system is easy to put on, while its...

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  • Quick Fit Shoulder Immobilizer

    Aircast Quick Fit Shoulder Immobilizer Offers a custom fit, easy to use and universal option for shoulder trauma, allowing maximum comfort and immobilization for your patient and a smart fit for your inventory needs. Constructed with breathable mesh...

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