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Foam Rollers

  • VYPER 2.0 Recovery Roller

    $299.00 $199.00

    Hyperice VYPER 2.0 Recovery Roller Tested and approved by elite athletes, allowing people and athletes of all abilities to reap the benefits of improved body performance, enhanced recovery, increased flexibility and range of motion to prevent injury...

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  • The Grid Foam Roller

    $59.99 $37.95

    TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller 1.0 For the beginner to advanced user, the Grid Foam Roller helps work through the tight muscles, knots and kinks that prevent feeling good and moving wellThe  is for anyone who simply wants to move better. The...

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  • OpTp Pro-Roller Foam Roller Created for the demands of physical therapy and sports medicine clinics or the busy Pilates and yoga studios the Optp Pro-Roller is built to outperform and outlast store model foam rollers. The OPTO Pro-Roller is a...

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  • Vibrating Foam Roller- 4 Speed Rechargeable  New Lower Price Was $119 Now $99 The Future of Muscle Recovery and Deep Tissue Massage VIBRATION TECHNOLOGY FOR GAME-CHANGING RECOVERY: No longer is your foam roller simply a replacement for a sports...

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  • Relaxroll Fit Kit Brought to you by Hyperice, the leader in recovery and movement enhancement technology, the RELAXROLL Fit Kit is the trifecta of fitness rolling.   Relaxroll Fit Kit includes ALL of the following:  (1) Relaxroll-...

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