Dura-Stick Self-Adhesive Electrodes 10 Pack

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What sets the Dura-Stick Self-Adhesive Electrodes apart from the rest is that the white foam backing allows for more “stretchability” and memory.

The Dura-Stick electrodes from Chattanooga are composed of a carbon film covered with non-washable textile threads. The Dura-Stick electrode ensures excellent conduction of current thanks to the hypoallergenic Multistick gel. These electrodes are perfectly designed for single-patient use.

These electrodes are designed to last approximately 30-40 sessions under normal conditions. Their conductivity is slightly less than the Dura-Stick Plus electrodes.

Dura-Stick Self-Adhesive Electrodes

  • Carbon silver firm layer incorporated into a low profile design
  • White foam backing for increased "stretchability" and memory
  • Innovative polymer for improved adhesion and durability
  • 2" x 2" Square (10 Packs of 4 Electrodes Each) Item #42178
  • 2" x 3.5" Rectangle (10 Packs of 4 Electrodes Each) Item #42179