Dura-Stick Plus Self Adhesive Electrodes (10 pack)

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Dura-Stick Plus Self Adhesive Electrodes, 2" x 2" Square (10 Packs of 4 Electrodes)

Provides both great conductivity and durability in a variety of different sizes. They feature a foam backing that's designed to be flexible yet durable. The connector inside the pad is made from stainless steel mesh to ensure excellent conductivity while the gel is designed to provide effective adhesion on virtually every part of the body. Dura-Stick Plus electrodes do not feature any carbon yet provide a great combination of performance and durability at a mid range price. The ends the electrodes feature push style pins that are suitable for use on all portable and clinical devices.


  • Muscle stimulation allows you to work your muscle at peak effectiveness
  • Electrodes are the points where the pulses are transmitted to your motor nerves, and ultimately your muscle fibers
  • Coated with Permagel Hydrogel, which serves as a superior coupling agent to minimize resistance between your skin and the electrode
  • Designed with conformable lead wire connectors that offer superior grip to the lead wire pin
  • Includes the 2" x 2" Square Chattanooga Dura-Stick Plus Self Adhesive Electrodes -10 packs of 4 electrodes