Maxtrax 2.0 Tall Walker Boot


The Maxtrax 2.0 Tall Walker Boot provides superior support and cushioning compared to cheaper alternatives. Its cushion technology offers a more comfortable walking experience with improved shock absorption. Perfect for medium-level impact injuries for short-term to medium-term immobilization.

The MaxTrax™ 2.0 Tall Walker Boot has all the features of the standard walkers plus the benefit of full-length malleable metal uprights. Designed to increase stability and help reduce pain and edema following trauma or post-operative procedures, MaxTrax Walkers also provides a cost-effective serial casting option.


  • MaxTrax 2.0 Tall Walker provides edema control and maintains limb contact for increased stability.
  • ADJUSTABLE STRAPS allow for repeatable application and flexibility to move around bandages or hot spots
  • IMPROVED HEEL STABILITY: Achilles strap helps to secure heel during wear and may be removed as needed
  • PROMOTES NATURAL GAIT and shock absorption with optimized, low-profile footbed and non-slip rocker sole

Size Chart Matrix 2.0

Part # Size Men's Women's
79-95702 XS <3.5 <4.5
79-95703 S 3.5-7.5 4.5-8.5
79-95705 M 7.5-10 8.5-11
79-95707 L 10-14


79-95708 XL 14-18 15-19

pdac1-d.jpgPDAC Assigned Code: L4360

Size Chart: