Ossur Range of Motion Walker


Ossur Range of Motion Hi Top Walker features a Low profile design with a contoured sole resulting in a comfortable and natural gait for Achilles tendon repairs, acute ankle sprains, stable fractures of the lower leg, or other lower leg or foot injuries. The patented energy absorption/energy return feature will absorb a significant portion of the forces that result from heel strike. 

The Ossur Range of Motion Walker has a joint adjusts in 7.5 degree increments in both dorsi and plantar flexion, and can either be completely locked out at any desired interval or left with desired range. The lightweight design, range of motion settings, and padding work together to give a comfortable, natural gait during the healing and rehabilitation processes. Available in black only.



  • Designed to fit either left or right foot
  • Contain anti-slipping, treader, and rubber bottom
  • Easily conforms to patient's leg with Velcro straps
  • Provides a natural gait allowing the foot to properly heal
Size Chart: