Dynamic Wedge Cervical Traction Device


Made for at home use.

A deluxe automatic neck traction device that utilizes multiple techniques to provide maximum neck pain relief. Packed with many features such as adjustable heat therapy, electrotherapy, and multifunction air traction, this diverse combination of therapeutic techniques allows for enhanced relief from neck pain. Another great feature of the Dynamic Wedge is the ability to reduce spinal pressure while simultaneously easing neck bone tension, loosening stiff chronic pain, and assisting in disc realignment.

How It Works: 

This one-of-a-kind tool delivers pneumatic cervical traction that lifts the neck to provide incline traction. While in the incline position, the Dynamic Wedge emits heat and electrotherapy to relieve muscles, intensify the stretch and relieve pain. In addition to these benefits, therapy at an incline helps loosen stiff chronic pain and assists with disc realignment. The Dynamic Wedge Cervical is your one-stop solution for neck pain relief.


  • Fixed point reciprocating cervical traction and intelligent air pressure system engineered to release pressure from the cervical spine and relieve muscle fatigue
  • Convenient remote control with digital display
  • Multiple heat modes to help relax sore muscles
  • Three therapy modes to meet the needs of different patients
  • Built-in TENS therapy mode
  • Full auto mode combines various therapy options
  • Lightweight, comfortable, and easy to use

Also available: Dynamic Lumbar Traction Wedge for lower back pain.  




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