Make Your Physical Therapy Practice Mobile During COVID

Posted by Source Ortho on 24th Sep 2020

Make Your Physical Therapy Practice Mobile During COVID

Taking Your Physical Therapy Practice Mobile During COVID

The recent COVID-19 outbreak in the United States and around the world has changed the way many of us go about our daily lives as well as the ways in which we interact with others and operate our businesses. For those working in industries that require face to face or even one on one contact with customers and clients, transitioning to the ‘new normal’ has required a lot of changes and a lot of creativity to stay afloat.

Outside PT with Masks

One such industry is Physical Therapy (PT). Generally requiring close contact between client and therapist, PT is not necessarily ideal during a pandemic. Many practitioners have transitioned to utilizing telehealth to communicate with their clients. However, technology has its limits and may not be the best option for those who are in need of more assistance or are looking for more personalized, in-person treatment. Because of this, some Physical Therapists are adopting the idea of a mobile practice and have begun bringing their services safely to their clients at home. Though both telehealth and mobile PT practices can be effective, taking the extra steps to meet your clients in their home provides a level of convenience and personalization that will definitely be appreciated.

For those who have opted to provide mobile services, or who always have, it is important to not only ensure the safety of both your client and therapists but to also have the necessary tools to take your practice on the road during a pandemic.

Here are our tops product picks for mobile Physical Therapists:

Electrotherapy and Ultrasound

1. Intelect Transport Combo Unit

The Intelect Transport Combo Unit offers both electrotherapy and ultrasound therapy in a single unit. The unique thing about this unit is that it features a lightweight design and optional battery pack making it the ideal unit for mobile PT practices anywhere.

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2. Intelect Transport Battery Pack

In order to use the Intelect Transport Combo Unit on the road, you’re going to need the battery pack! This battery pack gives you the option to take your practice anywhere your clients need you without the hassle of long chords and power plugs.

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3. Intelect Ultrasound Transport System Carry Bag

The final piece of the puzzle for taking your Intelect Transport Combo Unit is the carrying case. The Intelect Transport Carry Bag is custom-designed to hold the unit in place securely during travel, allowing you to safely visit your clients where they need you most.

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Contact Free Resistance and Massage

1. BodyPro Massage Gun With Case

Help your clients relieve muscle tension and soreness with the Body Pro Massage Gun while also maintaining an appropriate distance for the health and safety of both yourself and your clients. The BodyPro’s lightweight design features 5 speeds, 4 interchangeable head attachments, extended battery life, and carrying case make it the ultimate massage tool to bring with you anywhere.

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2. Loop Resistance Bands

Loop resistance bands are specifically designed to be used in rehab and other training exercises as a great way to build strength in the muscles and tendons. Because they are small, lightweight, and these come in a convenient drawstring bag, they are the perfect option to bring with you on house calls to help your clients meet their physical goals.

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3. Resistance Tubing

Similar to loop resistance bands, resistance band tubing is suitable for a wide variety of exercises to isolate specific muscles groups and are great for use in any Physical Therapy Practice. This set includes a door anchor, ankle straps, as well as a carrying bag for easy travel.

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Keeping Yourself and Your Clients Safe with PPE

1. Face Masks

As we all know, wearing face masks is one of the most important steps we can take to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. From KN95 face masks, to N95, and 3Ply, Source Ortho has a wide variety to choose from to keep both yourself and your clients safe during the pandemic.

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2. Alcohol Spray

Quickly and easily sanitize all of your equipment with Alcohol Spray. This 75% alcohol spray is perfect for cleaning everything from resistance bands to ultrasound machines to ensure all of your equipment is clean and ready to use at all times without the extra hassle.

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3. ZShield Face Wrap

Face masks are great and effective, but the ZShield Face Wrap takes protection one step further by also covering your eyes. ZShields are great for use when you are not able to maintain appropriate social distance and are especially beneficial for medical professionals. Combine a ZSheild Wrap with a face mask for added protection.

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In need of other ways to keep yourself and your clients safe? Source Ortho proudly carries hand sanitizer, gloves, as well as touch-free thermometers quick and easy temperature checks. Check out all of our PPE here.

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