ZShield Wrap-Protective Face Shield


A superior level of face protection for those working in direct contact with others in areas such as schools, restaurants, retail and grocery stores, and salons. The ZShield Wrap creates an extended barrier between the wearer and the customer that wraps further around the face, providing additional protection for the user and those nearby in close contact.

The ZShield Face Wrap redirects air flow from within and outside of the mask to protect both the wearer and those nearby from infection. Its intelligent design provides an ultra-lightweight fit that can be comfortably worn even during the longest work shifts and can easily be adjusted away from the face when not in use.


● Larger wrap-around visor shield provides additional facial protection

● Ultra-lightweight, comfortable fit that can be worn for extended periods

● Breathable design that sits off of the head and face for added comfort

● Allows visibility of facial expressions for verbal and non-verbal communication with customers and students

● Redirects bi-directional airflow for superior protection

● Can easily be adjusted down and away from the face when not in use

● Forms around the user’s neck and chest for minimal noticeability

Cleaning Instructions

  • Wash all components with soap and water
  • Frame—Dishwasher safe
  • Note: All pieces are shipped unsterilized