Our Most Trusted Products For Athletes

Posted by Source Ortho on 25th Aug 2021

Our Most Trusted Products For Athletes

These Products Are The Most Trusted By Athletes

Heading back to school is an exciting time, partly because it is the beginning of the fall sports season. With the start of sports, comes the start of injuries. Source Ortho carries braces and supports from the top brands in the sports industry.

Here are our top choices for bracing, supports, and recovery tools to help keep athletes safe and prevent injury during play:

For The Shoulder

DonJoy Sully Shoulder Brace

The Sully Shoulder Stabilizer provides immobilization and controlled range of motion for the shoulder, assisting with post-injury and post-operative recovery. It features elastic straps which hook to the neoprene to attach at any point, in any direction, and with any amount of force you choose, which allows you to meet the specific needs of each athlete, making it ideal to anyone looking for the best support.

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DonJoy Shoulder Stabilizer SPA

Designed for during football where shoulder pads are worn, the DonJoy Shoulder Stabilizer SPA is ideal for the restriction of abduction and external rotation. This brace is effective for posterior instability by restricting range of motion of the shoulder as well as stabilizing the shoulder to prevent posterior dislocation, subluxation, or with glenohumeral instabilities.

It is designed to have easy-to-use arm cuffs and straps that attach directly to the shoulder pads. So easy, in fact, that the player can attach it themselves.

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For The Knee

DonJoy Reaction Web Knee Brace

The DonJoy Reaction WEB helps to stabilize the knee and patella during physical activities like walking, running, golf, hiking, tennis, soccer, volleyball and more. It is specifically designed to provide stability for the knee by absorbing shock and off-loading weight away from any pain in the knee. It’s Open web design and mesh backing allow for breathability and comfort with its dual axis elastomeric web and hinge dynamically stabilizes the patella on all sides

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HyperIce Knee Ice Compression Wrap

We truly believe that allowing for proper recovery from muscle soreness or injury is imperative for performing at your best. The HyperIce Knee Ice Compression Wrap is portable and simple-to-use. It delivers targeted cold therapy to the knee to reduce inflammation and pain as a means for speeding up recovery time.The Hyperice Knee Wrap provides optimal compression while maintaining a comfortable fit while its non restrictive design allows for greater range of motion and mobility while icing.

Although it is ideal for the knee, it can also be used to provide cold compression to both the shin and the calf.

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For The Ankle

Aircast A60 Ankle Brace

The A60 Ankle Brace is ideal for athletes looking to reduce the risk of ankle sprain and rollover. It features a built-in 60 degree stabilizer and lightweight design to fit easily into athletic footwear. Designed with a single strap, it offers an easily adjustable application.

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Aircast AirSport Plus Ankle Brace

The AirCast AirSport Plus Ankle Brace is designed to aid in ankle stabilization for moderate to severe ankle sprains and chronic instabilities. The anatomically correct design and durable, breathable materials offer a stable, comfortable fit. Along with the Aircast technology, simple step-in design and intuitive, unified closure system, the AirSport+ provides a functional management option to help address ankle injuries and rehabilitation.

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Other Great Equipment For Athletes

BodyPro V3 Pulse Percussion Massage Gun

If you are looking to reduce muscle soreness and get back to your workouts and sports faster, a percussion massage gun is the recovery tool you need. Available with 5 speeds and 4 head attachments, it is suitable for use on every major muscle group to provide relief.

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