Saunders Lumbar Traction Device


Patented pneumatic pump, no-slip belt, and easy-to-read force gauge.

The first home pneumatic lumbar traction device, the Saunders Lumbar Traction Device, is designed to deliver up to 200 lbs of force. Safety and comfort are ensured with a patented pneumatic pump, no-slip belts, and an easy-to-read force gauge. This revolutionary device is designed to provide safe and effective traction & stretching to the lower back lumbar region; the device requires minimal assembly and is ready to use out of the case.

The Saunders Lumbar has adjustable belts that accommodate a waist circumference of up to 60 inches. 


  • Safe - A proven alternative to surgery for some patients.
  • Adjustable straps/belts (fits maximum waist circumference of 60").
  • Friction-free surface ensures smooth motion.
  • Easy-to-read pressure gauge provides total control of the force at all times.
  • The blow-off valve limits the amount of force that can be applied.
  • Practical - A cost-effective option for continuous clinical care.
  • Split table design replicates clinical traction and promotes consistency of treatment.
  • An Actively moving treatment surface ensures the efficient application of traction.
  • The patented pneumatic system ensures reliable force accuracy and is leak-free. 
  • Easy to Use - A portable treatment solution that increases patient compliance and satisfaction.
  • It comes complete; no assembly is required.
  • Non-slip harnesses incorporate belt organizers for quick set-up.
  • The patented pump design includes a simple "click in place" mechanism. 


  • Pinched lumbar nerves
  • Arthritis
  • Disc Herniation, Protrusion, and Sequestration injuries
  • Lumbar Radiculopathy

Increases Patient Compliance

The home lumbar traction unit lets users gradually work up to recommended treatment times and force. Initial treatment times range from three to five minutes for acute or irritable conditions. Users can enhance flexion by placing a pillow or bolster under the knees or additional extension by placing rolled towels or wedges under the lumbar area or using the device in a prone position. The home lumbar traction solution has boosted patient compliance and satisfaction with no assembly required. Some common uses of the chiropractic traction device are sciatica relief, posture correction, herniated disc treatment, and lower back pain relief.

Proven Non-Surgical Alternative for Back Pain

Looking for a non-surgical solution for your back pain? Look no further than the Saunders Lumbar Traction Unit! This device is designed for home traction therapy and offers a smooth, friction-free surface for easy movement. It also features an easy-to-read pressure gauge, giving you complete control over your treatment. Using this device can help reduce nerve compression, increase your range of motion, improve spinal function, and correct poor posture. Plus, the non-slip harnesses with quick-release buckles make it easy to set up and remove after each use. Say goodbye to back pain without going under the knife!


Part NumberDescription
700471 Saunders Replacement Lumbar Hand Pump

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Warranty And Return Information:

  • Due to the medical nature of this product, we cannot accept returns on this item.  It is covered under a manufacturer's one year warranty and a replacement pump or unit can be issued if necessary.  


Covered by a 1 Year Mfg Warranty against defects

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a traction device?

Cervical traction devices are designed to provide relief for neck pain and tension. These devices work by gently stretching and pulling the head away from the neck to relieve tension. We recommend consulting with a doctor before purchasing or using a cervical traction device.

How often should I use my traction device?

We recommend consulting with your doctor to see what frequency of therapy is right for your specific needs.

How long should I use my device for?

We also recommend consulting a doctor to see how long you should use your traction device each time as specific needs will vary from person to person. As a general rule, we suggest starting with 10 minute intervals.

Is traction good for lower back pain?

Yes, traction devices can help alleviate back pain by relaxing the neck and spine.