Power Bar For Resistance Tubes And Pilates


Turn any room into a home gym with the BodyPro Power Bar. Perform upper body workouts like chest and shoulder presses, arm lifts/raises and more or perform front and back squats to tone and strengthen your legs. This sturdy 2-piece bar is compatible with all bands but is recommended to be used with the BodyPro Resistance Tube Set for maximum effectiveness. Simply attach your resistance tubes to both ends of the BodyPro Power Bar and begin building leaner, more defined muscles.

Get more out of your resistance tube workout with this must have accessory for our 11-Piece Resistance Tube Set. Made from hardened carbon steel with 360 degree swivel hooks to securely hold your resistance tubes. Perform a variety of exercises including arm curls, chest press and squats.

The combination of our Resistance Tube Set and Power Bar is like having a portable gym at your disposal that can actually help you stay in shape and bulk up. What's not to like?



  • 36" high quality steel bar can be disassembled for portability without requiring any additional tools
  • Padded grip handle bars prevent slipping and calloused hands
  • Wide handlebar
  • Solid two piece steel construction


  • Weight 6 lb.
  • Length 36 in.
  • Material Steel w/ Foam Grip