IF-4000 Muscle Stimulator

Pain Management Technologies

Treats symptomatic relief and management of chronic pain and/or as adjunctive treatment in the management of post-surgical and post-traumatic acute pain. The PMT Model 4000 IF (Interferential) muscle stimulator device is a low frequency treatment that uses two medium frequency currents which "interfere" with each other to produce a beat frequency that the body recognizes as a low frequency energy source. The range is usually 1-250 Hz. The human body produces frequency currents between 1-256 Hz. The major use of interferential therapy is to accelerate the inflammatory or healing rate. So almost any condition can be treated where inflammation is a problem. This is a dual channel unit, which allows you to use up to four electrodes at a time (two electrodes per channel).

The IF-4000 Interferential Stimulator sold by ships complete with:

  • Instruction Manual
  • Lead wires
  • Four Reusable Electrodes
  • 9-volt AC Adaptor
  • Battery and Carrying Case

IF-4000 Muscle Stimulator Specifications

Frequency Shifts: 4

Power Source: AC Adaptor or Battery

Pulse Width: 125 (+/-10%) microseconds

Wave Form: Symmetric Biphasic Square

Output Voltage: 16 (+/-2.5) volts

Difference Frequency: 1(+/-.5~150(+/-10%)Hz

Carrier Frequency: 4000(+/-10%)Hz fixed

All values have 10% +/- tolerance

This Unit is an FDA Approved Class II medical device. 

Disclaimer: A prescription is required for all of the ElectroMedical Devices unless you are a licensed healthcare professional or licensed reseller. Please fax your prescription to (866) 425-3209. You may also have your clinician send us an email as a prescription order to or fax it to us directly. Certain clinical therapy models are available for Sale only to licensed HCP or Resellers. *TENS and other Electrical Treatment devices are Not eligible for return. However these items are eligible for full warranty.

Frequency Shifts 4 Power Source AC Adaptor or battery Pulse Width 125 (+/-10%) microseconds Wave Form Symmetric Biphasic Square Output Voltage 16 (+/-2.5) volts Difference Frequency 1(+/-.5~150(+/-10%)Hz Carrier Frequency 4000(+/-10%)Hz fixed