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This is the Unit Only. A breakthrough in the treatment of hand and foot neuropathy pain and discomfort. The Ultima Neuro Advanced Neuropathy stimulator utilizes enhanced TENS specifications that are designed to target pain associated with neuropathy in the hands and feet. The Ultima Neuro includes a special mode to treat the hands, and a special mode to treat the feet. As well, a TENS and EMS function is incorporated. The Ultima Neuro is based on TENS and Microcurrent therapy settings, however, the Ultima Neuro goes beyond TENS by narrowing the output parameters to target the relief of peripheral neuropathy pain in the hands and feet.

Unlike a basic TENS stimulator, the Ultima Neuro signals are vastly more advanced and precise with an auto-feedback loop that allows the Neuro to regulate the voltage based on different tissue masses. So the stimulator knows when it is treating a heavy set person, vs. thin. This auto adjustability helps tempo treatments to the individual's needs (i.e. impedance of tissue mass). Also, in the Neuro there is a monophasic waveform that is typically associated with pushing and moving fluids which is a particularly effective waveform in treating the pain associated withNeuropathy.

The Ultima Neuro is an effective, drug-free, non-surgical solution to the relief of early-onset Neuropathy. Best of all, the Ultima Neuro operates on an ultra-sleek, high capacity lithium-ion battery which allows for long battery runs, and a very small device design. A charging plug is included.


  • 12 Month Manufacturer Warranty against defects


Ultima Neuro Unit HCPCS Code E0730

This Unit is an FDA Approved Class II medical device.


A prescription is required for all TEN's units unless you are a licensed healthcare professional or licensed reseller. Please fax your prescription to (866) 425-3209. You may also have your clinician send us an email as a prescription order to or fax it to us directly. Certain clinical therapy models are available for Sale only to licensed HCP or Resellers. THIS IS A NON RETURNABLE ITEM.

Ultima Neuro Unit HCPCS Billing Code E0730