HawkGrips Gold Set


As the most popular HawkGrips Set, the Gold Set includes everything needed for a standard practice. These precision-engineered IASTM (instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization) tools glide over the skin to detect and treat soft-tissue injuries. The surgical-grade stainless steel IASTM tools are used to break up abnormal densities in scar tissue and initiate the healing process.

What's Included:

6 Small Instruments (HG4 - HG9):

  • HG9 - Tongue Depressor IASTM tool is ideal for precise, efficient treatment in small, specific muscle and joint areas. Perfect for diagnosis and compact surfaces. 
  • HG8 - Scanner IASTM tool is best for scanning and treatment. Versatile IASTM tool capable of treating broader surface areas. Features convex treatment edge.
  • HG7 - Boomerang IASTM tool is a highly versatile IASTM tool best for diagnosis and more aggressive treatment. Perfect for treating various muscle and joint groups including suboccipital muscles. Features a concave treatment edge.
  • HG6 - Large Multi-Curve IASTM tool is used to treat various muscle groups and joints, particularly of larger patients/athletes. Perfect for treating elbows, calf areas, knees, ankles, and feet of larger patients/athletes. Features single bevel and double bevel treatment edges. 
  • HG5 - Medium Multi-Curve IASTM tool is best for treating various muscle groups and joints. Perfect for treating wrists, elbows, calf areas and knees. Features single bevel and double bevel treatment edges.
  • HG4 - Small Multi-Curve IASTM tool is designed to treat fingers, hands, toes and feet. Features single bevel, double bevel as well as convex treatment edges

1 Medium Handlebar (HG2):

  • Medium Handlebar IASTM tool works best for treating large muscle groups of average-size patients/athletes. Perfect for shoulders, back, neck, side abdominals and hamstrings. 

1 Roll-Up Carrying Case

1 Jar of Emollient

1 Digital User Manual

Product Features:

  • Cross-Hatch Grip Design: The HawkGrip Tools feature a cross-hatch design on the handle to assist with the grip of the instrument and to also alleviate strain on the hands. The ergonomically designed set features single, double, and flat-edged instruments to allow for precise treatment on specific injuries. The single bevel edges penetrate deeper than double bevel edges however double bevel strokes can be applied both directions.

  • Eliminates Transfer of Germs and Bacteria: The non-porous, surgical-grade stainless steel design allows the instruments to be repeatedly sterilized and cleaned, eliminating the transfer of bacteria from patient to patient. Helping IASTM tools glide more smoothly, the emollient softens and protects your clients skin during therapy treatments.