Exos FORM 631 Back Brace

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Provides a higher degree of spinal support and relief from a wide range of indications from acute lower back pain to post-operative support.  The Exos FORM 631 provides superior sagittal control and support from T9-S1.


Exos™ Thermoformable Panels
- A quick and easy way to ensure a personalized fit
- Pre-formed 3D Contours: The Exos™ Thermoformable panels come preformed to a specific shape and can be worn by the patient straight out of the box
- Rapid Thermoforming (Simple, Easy, Fast)
- The Exos™ Thermoformable panels can be quickly and easily be formed in minutes using Exothermix Patches to meet the specific needs of the patient
Independent Superior and Inferior Compression
- Superior spinal decompression delivered through Boa® Technology’s innovative and elegant closure system
- Superior Support and Decompression: The Exos FORM™ Spine Bracing System utilizes a patent pending design that enables independent superior and inferior closure of the brace using Boa® Technology
- Dual Boa® Technology Advanced Closure System: The Exos FORM™ Spine Bracing System utilizes Boa® Technology’s patented and elegant advanced closure system. A simple twist of the Boa dial tightens the brace to a custom and optimized level of support, giving the practitioner and patient control and comfort with personalized fit
- Spectra Lace: The Exos FORM™ Spine Bracing System utilizes Spectra lace. Low friction and incredibly strong
Adjustable (Angle) Belt Wings
A fit for everybody. Adjustable Belt Wings are fully removable and can be tilted and angled to accommodate various waist and torso sizes and shapes to ensure a truly customized fit
- Adjustable Angles: Belt Wings can be angled to accommodate different waist and torso shapes; ensuring an optimal fit
Simple Sizing Guides: Visible sizing guides on the Belt Wings to enable quick fitting and adjustment
- Trimmable: To ensure an optimal fit, the Belt Wings can be easily trimmed to remove any excessive material
- Donning Mitt & Doffing Pull Tab: A donning mitt and a pull tab on the (right) Belt Wing ensures easy donning and doffing of the brace
Modular Step-Up/Step-Down Design
A progression of healing in one modular bracing solution. The Exos™ Spine Brace System offers the ability to adjust and configure the brace as patients’ progress through rehabilitation and recovery
- A Superior Return on Investment: A modular support panel design enables patients to step-up or step-down the brace, without compromising functionality, as they progress through rehabilitation and recovery
Semi-Universal Design
One-size does not fit all, especially when you are trying to accommodate waist circumferences ranging from 25 inches (65.5 cm) to 65+ inches (165+ cm). The Exos FORM™ Spine Bracing System utilizes a semi-universal sizing system that uses a two size approach in order to accommodate the broadest range of body types and sizes
- Inventory Management: Simplified ordering. Streamlined inventory management. The Exos Spine Bracing System’s semi-universal design minimizes inventory management requirements and makes it easy to order, stock, prescribe and deliver comfort and control to patients
- A Complete Line of Accessories: A complete line of accessories that enable customers to fine tune your back brace
Simple, Light Weight, Low Profile Design
Looks matter, especially when you need to wear a back brace for an extended period of time
- Designed to be as light weight and low profile as possible, without compromising form and function, in order to promote better patient compliance.

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