Summit LSO 631 Back Brace

Aspen Medical Products
$279.00 - $289.00

Aspen SUMMiT LSO 631 limits motion and provides effective compression to relieve low back pain. Utilizing innovative materials and an ergonomic design, the SUMMiT™ 631 contours comfortably to most patient anatomies without compromising support.

Features and Benefits:

  • Powerful Mechanical Advantage: The SlickTrack™ Tightening System provides effective compression for superior patient outcomes, regardless of the patient's strength. The mechanism offers independent upper and lower tightening, allowing the patient to target specific muscle groups.
  • Custom Support: Self-adjusting back panel contours automatically to the patient's lordotic curve, delivering optimal support
  • Economical: The SUMMiT™ 631 provides a significant cost-to-reimbursement ratio. Limited stocking requirements offer substantial cost reductions.
  • Sizing: Only four stocking units are needed to comfortably fit waists ranging from 26" - 60" without compromising the effectiveness
  • Ergonomic Design: Low-profile sides conform naturally to different patient anatomies. The SUMMiT™ 631 accommodates all patients regardless of their hip-to-waist ratios.


Size Chart: