Cold Therapy Comparison Chart |

Posted by Ortho Specialist on 17th Dec 2019

Cold Therapy Comparison Chart |

Comparing The Different Cold Therapy Units

For hundreds, even thousands, of years mankind has been using cold therapy (also known as cryotherapy or ice therapy) to relieve many aches and pains. More recent studies have shown the benefits of using cold therapy to treat swelling and inflammation, among other benefits, within the human body, which is why the cold therapy units at Source Ortho are such a ‘hot’ commodity. But we often get questions regarding our products as well as the overall benefits that cold therapy has on sport and post-operative recovery. Lucky for you, you have the Source Ortho experts right at your very fingertips.

As said previously, cold therapy is not a new concept, and can even be dated back to around 3500 B.C when it was mentioned in an ancient Egyptian medical text that is now known as the Edwin Smith Papyrus as a treatment for many different ailments. Towards the end of the Twentieth Century, many healthcare professionals began exploring the benefits of cold therapy within surgery as well as within the patient recovery post-surgery. As it has grown, it has become a staple in post-operative physical therapy and post-exercise recovery, as well.

The reason cold therapy is recommended after surgery and heavy, intense exercise is because studies have shown that cold therapy works to reduce blood flow to inflamed areas of the body and also works to temporarily reduce nerve activity. Because of this, swelling and inflammation are stunted and the feeling of pain is relieved. At Source Ortho, we supply a couple of great options in cold therapy that can assist you whether you need relief from sore muscles while working hard at the gym, or you are working towards physical therapy goals just after your operation, Source Ortho has you covered for all of your cold therapy needs and budgets.

Game Ready: The Elite

The first cold therapy unit that will be discussed is the Game Ready Cold and Compression Unit. This unit in particular is one of the best in the business as it offers more personalization to your treatment. The unit is portable and light-weight giving you perfect cold therapy on the go. The machine also uses ACCEL technology (Active Compression and Cold Exchange Loop) which combines ice therapy with compression therapy for ultimate comfort and to aide in recovery of sports injuries and post-operative physical therapy. The importance of this combined Cold Therapy with compression is important because it promotes two important aspects of muscle recovery with the ice and compression; when you think of muscle recovery (think of R.I.C.E standing for Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation.

To add to the overall effectiveness of the unit is that it offers 3 different settings of cyclical pneumatic compression with an additional option to exclude compression all together. The Game Ready also offers digital timers that allow for time presets, which offers specific treatment based on your needs and wants in your recovery process.

Iceman Classic3: The Most Popular

The Iceman Classic3 by DonJoy is another great cold therapy unit, perfect for anyone looking for on-the-go pain relief. It is the newest addition to the DonJoy cold therapy line-up and outside of its affordability, it also has features that make it feel like a top-of-the-line product. It is incredibly lightweight and portable so you can take your therapy wherever you may need it. It is the first to offer a dual-pump circulation system which transfers warm water back into the unit while simultaneously pumping the ice-cold water back into the pads, allowing for a constant flow of ice-cold water into the pads. While this might not seem like a big deal, it really is because it gives you the most efficient cold therapy for your recovery by giving you a constant stream of cold. Along with the consistent cold temperatures of the unit, the Iceman Classic3 also utilizes the technology of compression to provide even more relief for inflammation, pain and swelling.

AirCast Cryo/Cuff Gravity: The Most Economical

The AirCast Cryo/Cuff Gravity is one of our more economical options for cold therapy but still offers a great deal for great cold therapy. The unit is more hand-held and portable and utilizes gravity to provide compression and the flow of ice water to the pad attachments. That means that there are no motors to use or wear out with over-use. It also offers a lighter compression for a less-invasive recovery process.

Cold Therapy Dos and Don’ts:

With using ice for therapy, there are still some basic dos and do nots associated with your therapy. Cold therapy has the potential to damage skin and other tissues if applied directly onto the skin. Because of this we suggest using a barrier cloth to place in-between your cold therapy pad and your skin; this prevents any damage that can occur during your treatment.

Furthermore, if you suffer from neuropathy or any form of nerve damage, we would also suggest steering clear of cold therapy as it might worsen your pre-existing condition. Because cold therapy can reduce nerve activity within the body it can also be detrimental to the soft tissue if there is prolonged exposure; cold therapy applied for too long or too directly can result in skin, tissue, and further nerve damage and those with nerve damage might not know or realize what other damage is being done.

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