Ultrasling Pro Shoulder Immobilizing Sling for Rotator Cuff


Uniquely Universal

The new DonJoy® UltraSling PRO takes the next step in providing comfort, compliance, and convenience to help improve the post-operative experience. The unique design of the UltraSling PRO helps immobilize and support the patient’s arm and shoulder with a comfortable universal sling and shoulder strap option that’s easy to apply and adjust. Telescoping, customizable straps may be easily trimmed to fit a wide range of patients. A new ‘shoulder ring’ slides easily over the arm in a supine or sitting position and helps evenly distribute weight, taking pressure off the neck. A removable contoured cushion helps provide abduction and relieves pressure on the ulnar nerve.

Quickly fit more patients with less inventory.

Universally designed to fit the right or left arm, the UltraSling PRO features an envelope that can be adjusted and sized to accommodate a wide range of patients. Plus, the revolutionary shoulder strap system allows for fast, easy application.

UltraSling PRO is ideal for:

  • Post-operative rotator cuff repairs
  • Post-operative Bankart procedures
  • Capsular shifts
  • Glenohumeral dislocation/subluxation
  • Soft tissue strains/repairs

UltraSling Pro Features:



PDAC Assigned Code: L3670

Patient Application Instructions can be found here.