TheraBand CLX Wall Station


Designed for in-clinic strength training, range of motion and flexibility exercise. The vertical, wall-mounted slide track provides adjustable anchor points and prescription markers for patient tracking. The TheraBand CLX Wall Station is a compact, total body rehabilitation system that features the familiar and trusted color progression and resistance levels of TheraBand® CLX. 

Includes these TheraBand Products: 

    • (2) 42” Anodized Aluminum Wall Tracks with Slide Track Connections
    • (1) CLX™ Station Full-Color Poster
    • (7) TheraBand CLX (colors: yellow, red, green, blue, black, silver, gold)
    • (3) CLX Station Anchors
    • (1) Accessory Rack
    • (1) Installation Instructions


  • Typically ships in one to two weeks