Why Athletes Should Try Cupping Therapy

Posted by Source Ortho on 17th Jan 2022

Why Athletes Should Try Cupping Therapy

Benefits of Cupping Therapy For Athletes

If you love to work out and are passionate about keeping fit, it is important to consider the added stress that long-term, intense exercise can put on your body. Giving your muscles the proper recovery time is essential in preventing the development of issues such as chronic pain. Chronic pain impacts more than 50 million people in the US alone. Many of these individuals do experience pain that does not react to the use of typical medication.

More recently, athletes are now exploring alternative medicines to treat their pains and aches over medications to help keep their bodies in the best form. A great example of this is cupping therapy.

While traditionally there are many ways to perform cupping therapy, recent advancements in products like the SMART cupping massager or ProPods now offer simple, convenient ways to use cupping therapy.

How Does Cupping Work?

Dating back to 1550 B.C cupping has been used by a variety of different cultures. Traditionally, cupping worked by starting a small fire underneath a glass or bamboo cup. However, modern technology has evolved cupping to be far more advanced and much safer. Today, the cups are typically made of silicone or rubber are placed on the body to create the same vacuum effect traditional cups provided.

With so many advancements, some solutions such as the SMART Cupper are able to actually combine dynamic suction therapy with the other benefits such as smart massage treatment and red light therapy all using just one device. In the past, cupping could only be completed under the guidance of a professional. However, with new advances in technology, therapeutic results can be gained at home without the support of a professional.

Devices like the SMART Cupper work by activating lymphatic detoxification while increasing levels of blood circulation. With a smart device like this, users can control the level of suction and other features to ensure that they do get the right benefits.

Benefits Of Cupping Therapy

Regardless of whether to use smart technology like the SMART Cupper or silicone ProPods, you could see a significant improvement in levels of pain and aches after exercising using this form of treatment.

In fact, many professional athletes swear by the benefits that the best cupping products can provide. Users claim that they experience lower levels of lower back and neck pain, to name a few. This could be because the process encourages more oxygen to an impacted area which helps with levels of pain relief and speeds up the healing process.

Many people who practice cupping therapy even claim that they feel more energized and invigorated after their treatment. Since cupping enhances natural circulation, it can help individuals feel stronger and increase their natural levels of endurance. This can lead to a faster recovery.

Do Manual Devices Provide The Same Benefits?

Manual devices such as ProPods can provide similar benefits to automated solutions such as the SMART Cupper. The products work using the same process without the added benefit of red laser therapy or smart massaging. However, manual silicone cuppers can still improve circulation and trigger the right impact on and around the location where they are used.

We hope this helps show why cupping therapy could be a great option for professional and amateur athletes alike to reduce levels of pain and improve recovery times.