Serola Biomechanics Gel Arc Elbow Brace

Serola Biomechanics

This brace is ideal for treating Golfer's Elbow and Tennis Elbow. It takes the stress off the epicondyle and helps prevent further injury and pain, allowing for more efficient healing. Pain occurs when the forearm muscles become tight and pull on their attachment to the epicondyle, a bony knob at the elbow. Activity causes additional pull and continues the pain cycle. Relief is provided by placing a compressive barrier between the muscles and the epicondyle, effectively shifting the force to the barrier. 

Serola Biomechanics Gel Arc Elbow Brace Indications: Forearm Pain, Lateral Epicondylitis, Medial Epicondylitis, Golfer's Elbow, Tennis Elbow

One size fits Most - Reversible to hold either right or left arm.