Intelect RPW Mobile 2 Shockwave Set


Chattanooga’s Radial Pressure Wave technology is mobile.

The Mobile 2 RPW (Radial Pressure Wave) is compact and light enough to be easily carried while also delivering a host of features and benefits.

When there is need for a powerful, yet portable RPW device in the clinic or on the sports field, the Chattanooga Mobile 2 RPW is the ideal choice. A lightweight and compact design together with a quiet built-in compressor make it suitable for portable use. A user-friendly experience is at the heart of the Mobile 2 RPW's design. The simple, ergonomically laid out controls enable all of the key parameters to be easily changed. A clear, illuminated LED display removes ambiguity when monitoring pressure, frequency and number of pulses. Pulses can be initiated via a trigger mechanism on the handpiece.

Ordering Information

2910-US Mobile 2 RPW set, including:
- 32000 R-SW Hand Piece Applicator Set
- 28178 - Ro 40 'Beam' Transmitter
- 29724 - D20-S D-Actor® 20 mm Transmitter
- 22601 - Conductor™ Transmission Gel 250 ml
- 13-00060-US - CD User Manual
-0.0032.012-US - Power cord US
23825 - Revision kit

Optional Accessories

23825 Revision Kit
28178 Ro 40 'Beam' transmitter
31800 Set of 9 transmitters, in carrying case
29801 A6 Point, Transmitter
29802 T10 Finger, Transmitter
29729 C15, 15 mm Cerama-X Transmitter, Black
29728 DI15, 15 mm, Deep Impact Transmitter, Black
29726 F15 Focus-Lens 15 mm Transmitter
29724 D20-S D-Actor ® 20 mm Transmitter
28736 D2 0 -T Transmitter
29725 D35-S , 35 mm, D-Actor Transmitter, Black
22375 Handpiece Cushion, Mobile 2 RPW
22376 Shaft Cushion, Mobile 2 RPW
28730 V-Actor Set
28740 V-Actor V25 Transmitter
28741 V-Actor V40 Transmitter
28745 Carrying Bag