Intelect RPW2 PRO Package-Optional Accessory Kit


This optional accessory package for your RPW2 Pro includes an assortment of accessories to improve the treatment capabilities of your Shockwave unit.

  • V-ACTOR® HF handpiece set - Vibration frequency up to 50Hz for Vibration therapy and muscle relaxation. Includes V25 and V40 vibration therapy transmitters. V25 – 25mm for muscle massage. V40 – 40mm for large muscle groups.
  • Di15 Gold Transmitter - Golden Depth 15mm Deep Impact® transmitter for deep target areas, chronic disorders, local trigger points. Penetration depth 0-60mm. Intensity level: High.
  • Atlas Transmitter - Soft flexible tipped transmitter 15mm for highly sensitive regions and trigger points in the cervical spine. Penetration depth 0-15mm. Intensity level: Low.

*RPW 2 unit not included*

Intelect RPW2 PRO Package-Optional Accessory Kit Only