Hydrotherm Standard Heating Unit

$2,725.00 - $3,395.00

The new standard in modern moist heat therapy is here. This HydraTherm unit features a rust-free composite polymer tank that will not dent and a unique hot pack storage system with a 12-pack capacity. This updated design is easy to maintain, as it needs as few as two cleanings a year as compared to 24 each year for traditional stainless tanks. An easier cleaning protocol means saying goodbye to rust, microbial growth and mildew. The easy-to-read, easy-to-set digital thermostat control allows therapists to precisely target the treatment temperature of the water. This feature increases patient safety along with making documentation and record maintenance a simpler task than found on other units. Built to be mobile and space efficient, this unit has four sturdy casters and is sized at 30" x 20" x 33", allowing it to be moved and placed in nearly any location in a facility. The HydraTherm has the capacity to hold 12 hot packs. This is the HydraTherm device only, without racks or dividers, allowing facilities to customize as they wish. Unit has an adjustable temperature range of 120 degrees to 160 degrees. It is recommended though that users do not exceed 140 degrees for the best therapeutic effect, patient comfort and heat pack longevity. The high-grade polymer is temperature resistant, ensuring the exterior of the unit remains safe to the touch and no part of the unit will rust or dent. Without any heat packs in it, the HydraTherm has a water capacity of 18 gallons. When tripped, the low-water sensor automatically deactivates the heating element, reducing fire hazards. Energy efficient as the HydraTherm features a 24V control unit versus 110V found in older, less efficient models.


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