Hand Sanitizer Gel w/Pump 70% Ethyl Alcohol

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70% ETHYL ALCOHOL  Incredible sanitizing strength to help stop the spread of germs!.


CONVENIENT PUMP BOTTLE Each bottle is equipped with an easy to use pump instead of an inconvenient cap, so you are ensured to get the right amount of product each time! *Quick tip, if less product is desired simply put a rubber band around the neck to act as a limiter so less gel is dispensed per use.

LAVENDER SCENTED This wonderfully scented sanitizer has a very mild but pleasant lavender aromas from the natural lavender oils that are infused into every bottle! The scent quickly dissipates after use allowing for the desired fragrance-free solution.

TEA TREE OIL Each bottle is infused with natural Tea Tree Oil to leave your skin feeling great without drying out! Mild moisturizer helps keep skin feeling great after multiple uses

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