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  • PhysioTrainer Upper Body Ergometer

    PhysioTrainer Bi-Directional UBE The most affordable of any Bi-Directional Upper Body Ergometers available in the marketplace. Its heavy construction and unique design make it a perfect choice for either a clinic or home setting. The PhysioTrainer...

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  • PhysioTable Adjustable Ergometer Table

    PhysioTable Adjustable Ergometer Table Designed for use with upper body ergometers. T-shaped tabletop. 4 secure locking brackets. 1-touch height adjustment. The HCI UBE Table is specifically designed and approved for use with the Monark 881e, Monark...

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  • Spirit MR100 Recumbent Ergometer Bike

    Spirit MR100 Recumbent Ergometer Bike Typical applications for this product are: Patient warm up before physical therapy session Have the patient pedal to improve range of motion after knee / hip / ankle surgery Allow patients to perform...

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  • Spirit MU100 Upright Ergometer Bike

    Spirit MU100 Upright Ergometer Bike The Spirit Medical Systems Group bike ergometers are intended to be used in aiding in the physical rehabilitation process for patients with orthopedic and neurological problems. Also used in sports medicine, wellness...

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