Deluxe Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Cuff Set - 8 Cuffs, Pump and Case


Blood Flow Restriction Cuffs (BFR) 8 Cuff Set with Pump and Case

BFR therapy is a game changer in the world of rehab - These cuffs can help you increase muscle strength, muscle size, and muscle endurance with even low loads. This makes it an idea therapy for rehabilitation, performance, and everyday training. BFR training was initially developed in the 1960s in Japan and is known as KAATSU training. It involves the application of a pneumatic cuff (tourniquet) proximally to the muscle being trained. Applied to either the upper or lower limb, the cuff is inflated to a specific pressure to obtain partial arterial and complete venous occlusion. Then the patient is asked to perform resistance exercises at a low intensity of 20-30% of 1 repetition max (1RM), with high repetitions per set (15-30) and short rest intervals between sets (30 seconds) 

What's In the Box:

  • 4 Pair of Cuffs With Quick Release Valve 
    • Small - fits 10in - 14in
    • Medium - fits 14in - 18in
    • Large - fits 18in - 24in
    • X-Large - fits 24in-30in
  • Premium Hand Pump with Gauge for easy pressure reading
  • 1 Storage Case
  • Instruction Manual

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BFR Cuff Features

  • Make Workouts more effective: Boost muscle growth 200-300% increases in the involved muscles with occlusion training.
  • Easily Portable: Included carry bag, easy to carry, and store.
  • Easy to Use: They are fit for anyone from beginners to professionals with simple and effective design.
  • Use Lower weights: Load of 20% show similar benefits to training at 70% of max, no greater health risk compared to traditional exercise.
  • Made from Strong but Comfortable material: Won’t slip up or down roll during exercise and soft surfaces don't rub against your skin.
  • Athletes from many different sports can benefit: From yoga to lifting to your own at-home workout program,Blood flow restriction training can be used in any situation where the goal is to increase muscle hypertrophy and strength
  • Multi-Benefits: Not only official to muscle growth, auxiliary training, but also for avoid muscle wastage after injury.



This product comes with a 9 month limited manufacturer's warranty against defects.