Aircast Cryo Cuff Gravity Cooler with Knee Cuff for Recovery

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Easy to use, mobile, and reliable, no motors or moving parts to wear out or break.

Cryo Cuff Knee Gravity Cooler has no motors or moving parts to wear out or break. You can expect years of use from this cooler system. Multiple studies and years of patient experience have shown that Cold/Cryotherapy helps reduce painful swelling and may help to speed healing. AirCast by DJO has been recognized as an industry leader in Cryotherapy products. The AirCast Cryo Cuff gravity cooler system combines the therapeutic benefits of controlled compression with cold therapy to minimize hemarthrosis, edema hematoma, swelling, and pain. The cuffs are anatomically designed to completely fit the body providing maximum cryotherapy.


  • Cryo Cuff Gravity Cooler - no batteries or power required
  • Cryo Cuff Knee Wrap - Select the size that best fits you. Pad can be used with Cryo Cuff Gravity or Motorized Cooler


  • Universal to all Cryo Cuff models
  • Holds water and ice needed for six to eight hours of cryotherapy
  • The durable cooler comes with a tube assembly and insulation disk and is labeled with simple-to-follow directions for use

Download Patient Instructions: Here


  • Trauma
  • Post-op treatment
  • Rehabilitation
  • Post injury
  • Inflammatory treatment
  • Chronic pain
  • Recurrent joint swelling

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Ordering Information

Measure thigh circumference 6" above the patella.

Description     Thigh Circumference  
  Medium Knee Cryo/Cuff         18"-23" (46-58 cm)
   Large Knee Cryo/Cuff       20"-31" (51-79 cm)





  • The cooler system is about 14" L x 10" W x 11"H with the lid and tubing wrapped around the cooler


Disclaimer: For the protection of all customers, cold therapy units and pads are non-returnable items. 

By purchasing this system, you certify that you are a qualified medical professional or currently under the treatment of a physician who has prescribed a Cold Therapy product. You agree to read and carefully follow the manufacturer's directions provided with the unit. You understand that the user will assume all responsibility for the use/misuse of this item. You agree to contact a physician immediately in the case of any untoward reactions caused by use of this device. You understand that Source Orthopedic is only a distributor of the product and in no way assumes responsibility for any injury it may cause due to malfunction, misuse, inappropriate application, or other reason. Furthermore, Source Orthopedic cannot provide specific details as to the product's application or use, other than is provided in the product documentation, developed by this product manufacturer. By clicking "Add to Cart" you certify that the above statement(s) is/are true.

Warranty And Return Information: Cold Therapy Returns

Due to the medical nature of this product, we cannot accept returns on this product. Defective units are covered under the manufacturer's warranty and a warranty replacement will be issued.

Manufacturer's Warranty: Unit: 6 months; Wraps: 1 months

Aircast/DonJoy Warranty Helpline: 800-336-6569 If your device, pad, or part is malfunctioning, or leaking, Source Ortho will gladly replace it with the same new, unused device, pad, or part within the warranty period. For more details and specifics to each manufacturer's unique expressed and implied product warranties, please contact the manufacturer directly. Please contact Source Cold Therapy (866-425-3209) with questions or comments regarding our cold therapy return policy.

Part Number Description Circumference  Size
2125 Cryo/Cuff Gravity Cooler                            N/A Universal
10A Cryo/Cuff Cooler with Ankle Cryo/Cuff 11.5"x10" Universal
10C Cryo/Cuff Cooler with Foot Cryo/Cuff 9" - 13"* Medium
10B Cryo/Cuff Cooler with Foot Cryo/Cuff 10" - 17"* Large
11C Cryo/Cuff Cooler with Knee Cryo/Cuff 10" - 19"** Small
11A Cryo/Cuff Cooler with Knee Cryo/Cuff 18" - 23"** Medium
11B Cryo/Cuff Cooler with Knee Cryo/Cuff 20" - 31"** Large
12A Cryo/Cuff Cooler with Shoulder Cuff  32" - 48" Universal
12AXL Cryo/Cuff Gravity Cooler with Shoulder Cryo/Cuff with XL Strap 42"-54" Universal
14A Cryo/Cuff Gravity Cooler with Back/Hip/Rib Cryo/Cuff Up to 45" waist Universal
15A Cryo/Cuff Cooler with Elbow Cryo/Cuff One Size Universal
16A Cryo/Cuff Gravity Cooler with Hand/Wrist Cryo/Cuff One Size Universal