Chattanooga Galaxy TTET300 3-Section Traction Table

$3,850.00 - $7,850.00

The Galaxy TTET300 is a multifunctional 3-section traction table that, when combined with the optional traction package, aids in efficient spinal traction treatment.

The Galaxy TTET300 is built to last and will be your clinic's focal point of patient care. This versatile traction table has three sections that facilitate effective spinal traction therapy combined with a traction unit.

The table's innovative design features a roller-mounted surface that reduces friction under the legs and hips, enabling maximum traction force during vertebral treatment.

The table's roller-mounted surface allows for maximum traction force during vertebral treatment, aiding in friction reduction. The rolling sections can also be locked in place, rendering this variable-height traction table suitable for an extra treatment couch.



  • A scissor frame with four feet and four multidirectional, retractable wheels for easy transport
  • Provides maximum patient comfort in prone and supine positions to aid both manual therapy and traction therapy
  • Roller-mounted surface helps prevent friction below the hips and legs
  • Repositional head /back section elevates to 82°
  • Gas spring assists on friction-free moveable sections for easy positioning
  • HalloTronicTM + System enables electric high/low height adjustment from 19 to 39 inches with a capacity of up to 440 LBs
  • Optional Axilia post package for added stability for your patient. Must be added at the time of order
  • Special Order Colors: Beige, Light Blue - Call to Order



TTET 300 Optional Traction Accessory Package:




DJO Global® provides a 24-month warranty on the delivered product and a 12-month warranty on its upholstered parts, starting from the date of original consumer purchase, as indicated in a proof of purchase. Cushion and Upholstery - 1 Years. Base Frame and Motor - 2 Years.




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