Best Exercise Equipment For At-Home Rehabilitation

Posted by Ortho Specialist on 19th Jun 2020

Best Exercise Equipment For At-Home Rehabilitation

The Top Five Pieces Of Equipment For At-Home Rehabilitation Exercises

With COVID-19 still a very real and serious illness prevalent throughout the country and around the world, we are having to adjust the ways in which we go about our daily lives. Although many restaurants and businesses are beginning to open their doors, we are still being asked to stay home as much as possible.

Even though going out to a restaurant or store might be something we’re becoming more comfortable with, things like physical therapy, which require us to be in close proximity to others as well as the sharing of equipment, might still not be an option. Luckily we live in an age where we have access to endless how-to videos online that will walk you through performing your usual rehabilitation and physical therapy exercises right at home. To help you get started, we have gathered a list of the equipment you may find useful to have on hand.

1. Stability Exercise Ball

Stability balls are an excellent tool for any form of exercise, especially when working on improving overall core strength, stability, and flexibility. Try switching out your normal office chair for a stability ball for a gentle way to increase core strength and posture throughout the day. These are available in a few different sizes making them a great option for everyone or any exercise.

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2. Soft Weights

Soft weights are a unique alternative to traditional dumbbells that provide more versatility for rehabilitation and strength training workouts. They come in a standard size that does not increase with weight, which allows for a consistent grip throughout exercise progressions. We recommend grabbing a few different weight options to use at home or with a partner.

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3. Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are a great tool to have on hand for just about any exercise from building strength, to increasing flexibility, and joint mobility. Because they are lightweight and feature soft grip handles, they are an excellent option for use during at home physical therapy and rehabilitation exercises.

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4. Yoga Mat

Yoga mats are great for yoga, but they are also ideal for protecting your joints while performing low impact exercises as well as stretching. When looking for a yoga mat to perform rehabilitation exercises, we recommend looking for a thicker mat for added comfort and joint protection. This mat also features a textured, non-slip surface on both sides to increase traction.

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5. Stationary Bike

While a stationary bike may be a bigger investment than the other items listed, it is a wonderful option for a low-impact cardiovascular workout right at home. Performing regular cardio centered workouts helps to strengthen both your heart and muscles while improving joint mobility. There are various types of stationary bikes that range in size, cost, and sophistication to best suit your personal needs.

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Will all or some of these option conveniently in your home, you are set up for any exercise!