Benefits of Percussion Massage |

Posted by Source Ortho on 30th Mar 2021

Benefits of Percussion Massage |

Surprisingly enough, handheld percussion massagers are becoming even more popular over the years.

Why is that? The answer is clear: BodyPro Percussion Massagers can help athlete recovers, improve performances, and more. Take a look at the other benefits of percussion massagers below!

What is Percussion Massage?

Before we dive into the benefits of using BodyPro Percussion Massagers, we need to discuss what a percussion massage is, first.

In case you didn't know, percussion therapy enhances and accelerates muscle repair by providing quick pressurized bursts in short pulses deep into your tissues. This is especially useful if you're an athlete because it can increase blood flow to important areas, providing fast pain relief and improving your range of motion and function.

On top of that, percussion therapy can also gently stretch out your muscles and enhance your physical response, performance, and flexibility. For instance, let's say that you had a long, hard day at your local gym. Following an intense rush of endorphins during your fitness routine, you might be feeling quite sore after your intense workout.

If yes, it may be that you're neglecting the proper recovery and rest that you need to get your muscles back on track. Luckily for you, that's where percussion therapy comes in. As a matter of fact, using percussion therapy after a tough workout can:

  • Relax thickened connective tissue
  • Help to break down internal scar tissue and adhesions
  • Provide improved circulation to your veins and lymphatic system
  • Enhance flexibility with gentle stretching
  • Increase your range of movement

But how exactly do percussion massagers work, anyway?

How Do BodyPro Percussion Massagers Work?

Here's the breakdown. When you use a BodyPro Percussion Massager for the first time, your goal is to target pain points in your body with gentle pulses of pressure, using your handheld device. By doing so, you'll be able to soften up your muscle tissue in places where you typically experience severe stiffness, particularly if you play sports.

On top of alleviating chronic pain, you may even be able to improve your blood flow too. If you're an athlete, it's not uncommon to have several parts of your body where you feel a sharp and deep pain in your muscles regularly. And when you actually apply pressure to it, it might feel more painful than relieving at first.

But here's the thing.

Instead of gritting your teeth through the pain of a traditional massage, using a BodyPro Percussion Massager almost guarantees that you can skip the soreness and head straight to the healing period. On top of that, your BodyPro Percussion Massager might even penetrate those hard-to-reach places that standard massages can't touch. Who wouldn't want that?

What Are the Perks of BodyPro Percussion Massagers?

As we mentioned above, BodyPro Percussion Massagers are perfect for athletes who need to aggressively treat and work their deep tissue muscles. Besides this, using a BodyPro Percussion Massager can also help fitness lovers to:

  • Increase oxygen distribution and blood circulation
  • Decrease postworkout muscle pain and cramps
  • Accelerating the body's chances to recover and heal

In addition to this, percussion therapy is also a great way to warm up pre-competition.

Even better, working with a BodyPro Percussion Massager means that you'll be able to treat your sore muscle fibers more efficiently as well. From toning to targeting your muscle groups, your BodyPro Percussion Massager should be able to reduce physical stress and tightness on your joints and bones in no time!

Why Else Should I Use BodyPro Percussion Massagers?

BodyPro Percussive Massager - BodyPROFitnessBodyPro Percussive Massager - BodyPROFitnessExercising on the regular can place a huge amount of stress on your body. Unfortunately, this often leads to a wide range of musculoskeletal issues such as:

  • Tennis elbow
  • Bicep tendonitis
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Shin splints
  • Low back pain
  • Sciatica

On top of reducing everyday aches and pains, the BodyPro Percussion Massager can even enhance your sleep. As a matter of fact, percussion massagers may even make a positive impact on your central nervous system, which might promote deeper sleep and healing overnight. Overall, a better night's sleep can lead to an overall improvement in energy and vitality as well.

Last but not least, using a BodyPro Percussion Massager can also be a natural stress reliever, particularly if you are feeling wound up after a difficult game. Whether you are a physical therapy patient or a professional athlete, decreasing muscle soreness and tightness is one of the biggest benefits of percussion therapy.

Who Should Use BodyPro Percussion Massagers?

Fortunately for you, using a BodyPro Percussion Massager is ideal for anyone who is physically active on a regular basis. As you may already know, people who play sports often experience tons of sore muscles and stiffness after a workout. That's why the BodyPro Percussion Massager is a must-have to optimize your training abilities.

Even if you're not the most sporty person, percussion massagers are extremely useful for recovering and repairing your muscle fibers, leaving you feeling better than ever. In fact, percussion therapy can work wonders for those of us to spend too much time at our desks too!

Ready to Enjoy the Benefits of Percussion Massagers?

Ready to check out the many benefits of percussion massagers?

When it comes to the health benefits of percussion massage, we've got you covered. From increasing oxygen to decreasing cramps, the BodyPro Percussion Massager is a great tool!

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