American Heart Health Awareness Month |

Posted by Ortho Specialist on 31st Dec 1969

American Heart Health Awareness Month |

February is the Month of Heart Health!

February has been recognized as the American Heart Health Awareness Month since February of 1964. The purpose of the month is to discuss and, obviously, bring awareness to heart disease and potential for stroke in America. Heart disease is on the rise in America with the popularity of fast food and a decrease in physical activity. February is a month to recognize our own health patterns and encourage the changing of behaviors that put us at risk for heart disease and stroke. At Source Ortho, we believe heart health and awareness does not simply belong in our lives through the month of February, rather, we encourage an all-year-round awareness to our daily lives, which is why I am going to give you some tools you need to practice your best heart health. One of the best recommended solutions to reducing your risk for heart disease is exercise, specifically cardio. That is why we have curated a list of all our favorite cardio machines, perfect for adding to your daily heart-health routine!


Woman running on treadmill

While we have many treadmills we love, one of our favorites is the Spirit XT685 Residential Treadmill . It is a premium treadmill in a fold-up frame design for the ease and convenience of working out anytime and in any home-space. It also showcases the exclusive Fusion program which integrates cardio and strength to help you achieve your fitness goals and give you the ultimate in heart health. The treadmill also features a large 9 inch blue backlit LCD and message center, perfect for viewing your exercise statistics and helping to keep you motivated day after day. It is perfect for any avid walker or runner looking to get the best at-home exercise.


Exercise Bikes

Exercise Bike

ThePhysioCycle RXT Recumbent Cross Trainer is then perfect equipment addition to anyone looking for a versatile exercise product that provides a smooth and enjoyable total body workout. It incorporates both the legs and the arms for a cardio workout that also gives a nice exercise to the arms and legs as well. The PhysioCycle RXT Recumbent Cross Trainer has been designed so that the user can select from or combine exercise modalities, which include; Bi-Directional Upper Body Ergometer, Elliptical Motion, or Stepping Motion. The PhysioCyle RXT has dependent upper and lower body, meaning both the arms and the legs move simultaneously. It is truly perfect for anyone looking to up their cardio game this February! <