Baseline MMT Hydraulic Muscle Tester - Analog

$479.99 - $699.99

Featuring a 50-500 pound capacity and a maximum reading on analog gauge remains until the unit is reset, the Baseline® hydraulic push-pull dynamometer is perfect for muscle strength measurement, job task analysis and functional capacity evaluation (FCE). The dynamometer is lightweight and portable. The dynamometer is packaged with 3 push pads (padded curved, padded  straight, and circular), 1 pull hook and 1 snap-lock hook. Can be used with lift platform (sold separately) to conduct muscle strength and functional capacity tests. Compatible with Baseline® single and dual grip handles (sold separately). The strength reading can be viewed as pounds or kilograms. CE Certified. Comes in a protective carrying case,

Includes 3 Push, 2 Pull Attachments