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Abs & Core Equipment

  • TheraBand - Mini Ball

    TheraBand - Mini Ball

    $24.00 $11.95

    TheraBand 9" Mini Ball The 9" TheraBand® Mini Ball joins a family of premier TheraBand balls designed for strengthening the body's core muscles. Complete with an Exercise poster, the Mini Ball is ideal for use in-clinic or at home. This...

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  • Body Sport Pro Fitness Ball

    Body Sport Fitness Balls  These balls were developed to combine our balance training with resistance training for maximum results. It's a perfect fit for Pilates, yoga and strength moves to focus on major muscle groups. This product was designed...

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  • BodyBlade Kit

    BodyBlade Kit


    Find the Bodyblade® That's Right For You Bodyblade® fills the needs of doctors, therapists, athletic or personal trainers, aerobics instructors, club owners, patients and fitness enthusiasts. Whether you're searching for the right Bodyblade®...

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  • TheraBand Soft Weights (Individual)

    Individual Thera-Band Soft Weights Hand-held, ball-shaped isotonic weights - a soft alternative to traditional isotonic dumbbells providing users more versatility for strength training and rehabilitation exercises. They are unique because the size of...

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  • BOSU Ballast Ball

    BOSU Ballast Ball

    $90.00 $66.00

    BOSU Ballast Exercise Ball, 65cm, Blue The BOSU® Ballast® Ball stays put, so your ball does not wander during your workout. Constructed of high quality, burst-resistant material, it has a six-sided surface design for proper alignment and...

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  • 6 Ball Floor Stand

    Featuring steel construction and a small footprint. This 6 ball rack assembles in minutes and comes in both stationary and mobile versions. 62 in (w) x 22 in (d) x 62 in (h).

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  • Body Sport Wall Ball

    Body Sport Wall Ball Help Clients Build Dynamic Strength with Body Sport Wall Balls The Body Sport Wall Ball is a high-intensity tool that fully-maximizes your workouts. It’s ideal for rotational movements, core exercises and for improving...

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  • Predator Sled & Plyobox Combo

    Predator™ Sled & Plyobox Combo The Predator is a push-pull sled, training station, and plyometric box all in one, providing all of the power, speed, and endurance training components athletes need to crush the competition in one impressive...

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