BOSU Sport Balance Trainer


A sleek, compact design allows for easy transportation and storage, quick positioning of the BOSU Sport Balance Trainer for any type of workout.

Redesigned BOSU Sport Balance Trainer, a smaller version of the original BOSU Balance Trainer, is constructed with the same rim and base style. The sleek, compact design of the BOSU Sport Balance Trainer allows for easy transportation and storage, quick positioning for any type of workout, and is ideal for fitness enthusiasts and athletes of all ages. The smaller size offers a variety of configuration, stance, and workout options, especially when paired with additional BOSU Sport Balance Trainers, BOSU Balance Trainers, BOSU Elite, or BOSU Ballast Balls.

Includes BOSU® Sport Balance Trainer, dual action hand pump and owner’s manual

Product diameter – 50cm or 22”
Maximum user weight limit – 250 lbs.

Colors Available:

  • Blue with lime green rim
  • Pink with lime green rim

“Made in the USA” logo,base with six (6) rubberized feet


Compare Bosu Models





Compare Bosu Models



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