ZShield Wrap Replacement Shield


The all-new, patent-pending ZShield offers an enhanced level of face protection ideal for those working in customer-facing service industries such as restaurants, retail and grocery stores, and salons. Due to its intelligent design, the ZShield creates an effective barrier between the user and those nearby while allowing for easy breathing and open communication.

The ZShield Replacement Shield redirects airflow to protect the wearer and those in close contact and nearby items such as groceries, other food items, and merchandise. It features a comfortable, lightweight design that can be adjusted down from the face when not used.

This listing is for the replacement shield only for the ZShield Wrap-Neck collar and the mount sold separately.



Product Features

• Can be comfortably worn for several hours

• Allows the visibility of facial expressions for verbal and non-verbal communication

• Redirects bi-directional airflow

• Easily adjusted up for active engagement and down when not in use

• A breakaway safety feature allows for quick attaching and detaching from the neck

• Ultra lightweight design

• Forms to the user’s neck and chest instead of directly on the face

Cleaning Instructions

  • Wash all components with soap and water
  • Frame—Dishwasher safe
  • Note: All components are shipped unsterilized

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