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Yoga & Pilates

  • RockTape DigitTape  2 Rolls 1" x 16.5'

    RockTape DigitTape  2 Rolls 1" x 16.5' ROCKTAPE is a high quality kinesiology tape that features a tighter weave, greater elasticity and stronger adhesive than other kinesiology tapes. The aim of the tighter weave of the tape is that it is meant to...

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  • TheraBand Professional Exercise Mat - 24" x 75"

    TheraBand Professional Exercise Mats - 24" Wide x 75" Long TheraBand Professional Exercise Mats are engineered to provide maximum cushioned support for comfortable floor exercises and to help protect against injury. The Exercise Mats are made of...

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  • Body Sport Yoga and Fitness Mat

    Body Sport Yoga Fitness Mat  Ideal for yoga, pilates and floor exercises. It is available in two thickness options - 1/8" and 1/4". Features: Available in Black or Purple 1/8" or 1/4" thickness Non-slip surface Made from 100% recyclable...

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  • 14" Body Sport Pilates Ring

    Body Sport Pilates Ring Features: Padded handles and a latex-free, spring steel construction. Increases resistance for targeted training. Padded EVA foam handles. Spring steel structure to provide elasticity. Latex-free. Diameter: 14".

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  • MATT-KLEEN Hard Surface Cleaner

    MATT-KLEEN Hard Surface Cleaner by Cramer Highly concentrated. Two ounces makes one gallon. Helps stop the spread of skin diseases and infections. Ideal for wrestling and gymnastic mats, training tables and shower floors. Safe for contact with...

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  • Aeromat Essential Workout Fitness Mat

    Aeromat Essential Workout Fitness Mat with Eyelets Tired of a messy pile of workout mats stuck together on the floor? Durability and safety are standard for Aeromat, but the Aeromat Workout Mat with Eyelet features an easy way to hang and store exercise...

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  • Aeromat Elite/Yoga Pilates Mat

    Elite Yoga AeroMat Made of Phthalates free PVC closed-cell foam Sticky surface with built-in mesh, anti-stretch 1/8 in (thick) x 24 in (w) x 68 in (l) Available in Blue, Purple and Rose Pink

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  • Airex Atlas Physical Therapy Mat

    Airex Atlas Physical Therapy Mat  The Atlas mat is highly valued by physiotherapists, hydrotherapists and in recreational sports. In physiotherapy, it offers plenty of space and outstanding comfort for the patient and therapist. It is also very...

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  • Airex Piloga Exercise Mat

    Airex® Piloga™ Mat Specifically designed to reduce stress caused to the joints during Pilates and yoga workouts. These mats are soft, but firm, providing 8mm of cushioning and preventing excessive motion in the weight-bearing joints. Available...

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  • Yoga Block

    Yoga Block


    Yoga Block Yoga blocks made from sustainable bamboo and cork. Durable, stable, and solid. Features rounded corners and edges. Cork’s natural texture provides extra traction. Bamboo blocks are lightweight with a hollow core and a smooth finish. 9...

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