Trigger Point Massage Ball for Myofascial Release 2-Pack


Convenient Two Pack, One for home and one to take on the go.

  • Deep tissue massage ball helps you avoid soreness & fight muscles fatigue while being a great way to improve flexibility and blood circulation. Our trigger point massage ball works out deep tissue without being uncomfortable. Our therapy ball is ideal for back, neck, legs and arms is better than any lacrosse, tennis ball or foam roller ball and is perfect after workouts to break up muscle knots and sore spots. It provides a really deep tissue massage and helps you recover.
  • Fully ergonomic w/ German Design, made of Thermoplastic Rubber (TRP) - the trigger point massage ball was carefully manufactured to be durable and help our muscles recover over years to come. The trigger point therapy ball is easy to carry at gym or office. You also get an instructional E-BOOK to educate yourself on the trigger points and types of exercises.
  • Anti-slip out cover with a strong grip thanks to its ridges. Our durable pressure point ball does not lose shape over time and withstands weights up to 500 lb. This myofascial release ball has an excellent texture and firmness for soft tissue mobilization - once you get the hang of it, the massage Ball does a great job of loosening up tight muscles. It also keeps your walls clean and does not collect dust.
  • Easy to use on the neck and back after every workout. Our large muscle ball can perfectly reach any spot, no more sore muscles. This deep tissue massage ball has exactly the right amount of density so that it can dig really far into the muscle, but it is also safe so you aren’t at risk of hurting any muscle. Personal trainers approve the use of these therapy massage balls. Perfect for everyone - to use after a workout or at office.
  • Designed in Germany
  • Size 10in circumference