Tricep Press Down Rope


Amplify your upper body workouts with the BodyPro Tricep Press Down Rope. Constructed with durable braided premium nylon and oversized, easy to grip rubber stoppers on either end, the BodyPro Tricep Press Down Rope prevents your hand from slipping during your tricep pushdown workouts. 

Specifically designed with a universal attachment, the BodyPro Tricep Press Down Rope can be conveniently attached to most exercise machines for use at home or the gym.

BodyPro Tricep Press Down Rope Features:

  • Universal Cable attachment to fit most exercise equipment
  • Ideal for arm and upper body workouts
  • Easy to store and take wherever you go
  • Features solid rubber ends for an easy, slip-free grip
  • Made of steel, durable braided nylon and rubber
  • Measures 27 in from end to end and 1 inches thick
  • Made for BodyPro


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