Sports Handle for Exercise Bands and Tubing


Thera-Band Sports Handle for Exercise Bands and Tubing

Ideal for patients who are rehabilitating hands and wrists, the TheraBand® Sports Handle measures 12” in length and features an extra-long, foam-covered handle. The handle’s unique 3-point connection system easily attaches to resistance band and tubing; it can be connected to a single band at the center point or 2 bands at both ends, and applies force with either a single or double grip. Lightweight and portable, the TheraBand® Sport Handle gives you more exercise options and versatility when using exercise bands and tubing for strength training. Plus, it’s so easy to use and carry, patients can use it for therapy sessions at home or on the go. Includes instruction manual, as well as guide with 16 hand and wrist exercises.

*Sports Handle Only* - Bands and Tubing sold separately